Halloween LuckyBlocks


Do you love LuckyBlocks? Do you like Halloween?

Then this mod is something for you!


This mod require uteamcore!


The Halloween LuckyBlocks adds many cool items and entities to the game. You can get them by opening Halloween LuckyBlocks.

Here is a little overview of some new items:



  • Killerknive (onehits when standing behind the enemy)
  • Witch's broomstick (let you fly for a period of time)
  • Teleporter (self explanatory)
  • Flying candy (gives you a great boost)
  • Candybag (like a golden apple, but with better effects)
  • Pumpkin bomb (place and be amazed)
  • Pumpkin grenade (throw and be amazed)
  • Scarescrow, sender, witch, zombie and clown amor


  • Creepy zombie
  • Ghost
  • Vampire

All this cool stuff can be dropped when opening a luckyblock. But be careful some events may be dangerous!

Events (not complete):

  • Many cool sounds
  • Raining pumpkin
  • Item drops
  • Block drops
  • Chest drops
  • Entity spawn
  • Dangerous events
  • Many cool structures
  • ...

Here is a german mod showcase, where some events are shown:

People behind this mod:

  • HyCraftHD (coder)
  • Nurenja (graphics)
  • Milchbar (sounds)
  • Redhair (structures)
  • Angelgaming (structures)
  • baastiZockt (idea and promotion)