Hacker Voice: I'm In (HVII)

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This is a client-side mod that adds several useful client-side features. This means you can use it on servers that do not have the mod installed. All can be toggled/activated using keybinds. They are:

  • Fullbright Can be toggled using keybind or $fullbright
  • Second Skin Layer Toggle(You choose which parts in the config) Can be activated using keybind or $skintoggle
  • Make entities of your choosing glow. Choose which entities using keybind or $choosemobs
  • P.A.T.S.(Particle-Assisted Targeting System): Shows the most accurate possible path for arrows and thrown objects, as well as the inaccuracy of the projectile. Can be toggled/activated/deactivated using keybind(Configurable behavior)
  • Ore Scanner: Scans the chunk you are in for Ores, and tells you their positions. You can choose which ores not to scan. Can be activated using keybind or $orescan. Helpful tip: F3+G shows chunk borders.
  • Killaura: Autokill mobs, animals, etc near you. Enable using $killaura, or $killaura nc to ignore weapon cooldown


Q: Why do you want to use hacks?
A: For me personally, it's less about hacking to gain an advantage over others and more about reducing the tediousness of doing some tasks. For example, Fullbright makes caves bearable when I don't want to place torches every 5 blocks. Killaura allows me to train my AdventureMMO unarmed skill without having to continually spam click. Second Skin Layer Toggle isn't even a hack, I just like being able to quickly toggle the flames on my skin.
Q: Can these be detected by the server?
A: In many cases, yes. I made no attempt to get around anticheat plugins, so odds are some of these will be detected. This is intentional.


If you have a bug or crash to report, please use the issue tracker. For feature requests, I also encourage using the issue tracker, so others can easily see what has already been requested, and more importantly, because it makes it easier to keep track of the features that have been requested. That said, if you have questions about the mod or would like to ask me about a feature request before posting it, feel free to reach out on Discord or Twitter.


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