Gwycraft - A colored blocks mod

51,419 Downloads Last Updated: May 26, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10  

Gwycraft is a mod for Minecraft that adds colored blocks and glowing blocks to your world.

The blocks are available in the standard 16 minecraft colors, some of the dyed blocks include:

  • stone
  • logs
  • planks
  • glass
  • bookcases (enchanting compatible)
  • sand
  • sandstone
  • mud

Version 0.1.8 update includes gem tools, many recipe and bug fixes.

Check out the spotlight by AJPlaze!

New in version 0.1.7, sandstone blocks!


There are also light emitting versions of most blocks.

Mod support:

  • Forestry
    • Backpack support, the blocks go into the correct backpacks

Forestry integration - digger's bag

  • Forge MultiPart
    • Use the saw to cut up the blocks

FMP support

Pictures added! See the Images tab for more.


Textures done by MatrexsVigil, Painterly and Shadowclaimer.

Modpacks: You may use this mod in any modpack (public or private), you do not need to ask for specific permission.  If you are using this mod in a pack it would be cool if you let us know with a comment, but you are in no way required to do so.

IRC: #gwycraft


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