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Warning this mod is in Alpha, so expect changes.


Slow updates until University Holidays.

(Last year in university for my bachelors of IT, it takes a lot more of my time than previous years, 
I thought once things calmed down, I'd have more time to focus on Grimoire, but life gets in the way. Note, I am updating it, but I won't release a version here until it's up to my standard, for now, you can get test builds on the discord server. Along with updates on what's being worked on now)

I've had a few people ask for a discord, so here you go:


Greeting people, I have made a mod, I hope you like it the details are below, suggestions are very much welcome.


This mod is to create a new adventure and add in magical content that 'fits' into Minecraft without feeling like a different game entirely, Grimoire will have its own dimension and all that goes with it, but it will take time, this is an alpha release so I can acquire feedback and new Idea's while there isn't too much content that it's too hard to manipulate.


Screenshots of mod content (I'm not good with words so here are a few pictures of the content in the mod):

Grimoire Crafting Recipe

Grimoire Cover

Slate found in nature

Smooth Slate recipe

Lost Page found in Dungeon Chest (Forgotten found in Nether Fortress Chest)

Grimoire right click page message

Grimoire Entry (Entity Display, unfinished will also display drops and drop chance)

Grimoire Ritual setup

Grimoire Ritual activated (Sneak right click center altar)

Mod Plans:

  • Adding a config file that allows the adjustment of ore spawning (slate) and spawning of entities added in this mod, as well as allowing the user to choose to use the modified spawn rates of vanilla mobs in the nether.
  • Demonology - Blood Mutation: Allow the player to take blood samples of mobs with the 'Demon' tag, using this blood to mutate the player themselves to allow them to take some of the traits of the demon from the sample (this will work in a tier system (weak, moderate and strong)

    The blood mutation fluid will need three samples of blood, weak is 1 sample, moderate is 2 and strong is 3. This is so you can kind of customize the traits you can get. Imps have the traits (weak -Fast,  moderate - Iron Stomach (Allows them to eat rotten or poisonous food with no negatives) and strong - Fire Immunity).

    In the future with more demons, you could have three weak mutations 1 moderate and 1 weak or 1 strong, when you upgrade the blood purity you take (weak > Moderate > Strong) you also gain the buff of the previous purity. (Leave opinions and suggestions about this system in the comments.
  • Blood Magic Interaction - Blood Magic Interaction would work with the Demonology Blood Mutation System, I'm still working on a few Ideas about how it will interact, if anyone has suggestions for this, I'm always listening.



Mod inspirations:

This mod was inspired by Many different mods but the primary is as follows

The Betweenlands, Aether, Roots and Embers and also Thaumcraft.


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