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GregTech 6 Unofficial

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This mod is an unofficial but approved continuation of GregTech-6.

Note: GT6 official branch is still being developed, though it will be mostly bugfixes, but also PRs. (Gregorious is going to make his own Game Mechaenetia ^^) And I will be merging official branch commits into GT6U. For details, visit this post.

The development work of GT6U is undertaken by development team GT6U-Team, and its development direction is to continue to improve the technology line of GT6 and add more practical equipment.

  • Added dozens of new fluids to make the organic chemical tech tree more complete

  • Brand new chromite treatment!

  • Brand new PVC, PTFE, epoxy resin, and their derivatives (pipes, storage tanks)!

  • Added a variety of large machines, including large roasting ovens, industrial coke ovens, large dryers, cracking towers, particle colliders, mask aligners, large high-temperature mixers, etc.

  • Added a variety of small machines, including circuit assembly machine, fluid curing machine, laser cutting machine, electric autoclave, high temperature mixer, etc.

  • Some adjustments to the original electronic industry.

  • Diversified gameplay, such as nuclear power reactors that can be cooled with distilled water.

Upgrading from GT6 to GT6U

You can easily update your GT6 official world to GT6U by replacing the original GT6 jar file, but do NOTE that:

  • Distillation Tower and Cryo Distillation Tower won't work with original design in GT6 official branch, but you can easily fix it by looking at the tooltips of the mainblocks.

  • Fusion reactor now accepts LU as start energy while requires EU as maintain energy.

  • Some recipes are changed so check NEI if you find out some of your machines not working.

If other bugs emerge when updating the world, submit a GitHub issue. (Just click the Issues button above)


This Mod is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. All assets, unless otherwise stated, are dedicated to the public domain according to the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Any assets containing the GregTech logo or any derivative of it are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License.


Lead Developers: YueSha, Fanshu

Contributers: jihuayu, duck_egg

Special thanks to:

Texture Support:@MCTian-mi @Orientsky @duckegg128

Localization Support:@qwerty9462 @Orientsky @Evan323

Test & Debug Support:@Contrl

Also thanks to GregoriousT!


You can use the Issue Tracker or join Discord or QQ group.


Please do ^^ But if you make major changes please make sure you understand their consequences that might bring up because I don't guarantee that I can discover them.

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