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Gregicality Multiblocks

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Gregicality Multiblocks, aka GCYM, adds many new multiblock machines to GregTech Community Edition Unofficial and is one module of Gregicality for GTCEu.


Every singleblock machine in GTCEu now has a multiblock variant capable of running up to 256 recipes simultaneously!


With this mod, playing without high tier machines in GregTech is now made possible, and allows the player to achieve significant material processing power in existing and new playthroughs of GTCEu.


Additionally, this mod currently adds one multiblock power generator, with more to come in the future! The Steam Engine is an inexpensive way to produce up to MV-Tier power. Perfect for powering your first Electric Blast Furnace!


This mod has a major config option determining how the mod plays. When the config is on, the mod aggressively gates higher voltages of the new multiblock machines, requiring a Voltage Control Unit of the appropriate tier. With this config off (default), you can expect regular behavior with your energy hatches.


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Gregicality Multiblocks requires requires GregTech CE: Unofficial and CodeChickenLib.