Grapple Hooks

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Grapple Hook demo





Crafting recipes:



Grapple Hooks can be enchanted, possible enchantments: 

  • Hook speed (I - III): Makes your hook faster and the pull speed is also increased
  • Rope length (I - III): The rope length (how far the hook can be away from you) is increased.


There are mutliple config options:

  • Should entity hooking be allowed?
  • Should player hooking be allowed?
  • Should the hooking mechanics be more realistic? If true, players experience damage when crashing against walls and realistic fall damage is applied.



This mod depends on kotlin and such requires you to have the kotlin library mod, which you have to download with this project.



  • My minecraft is crashing on startup: Please make sure you have a kotlin runtime mod installed.


Modpacks etc.:

You can add this mod to your modpack.


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