Counter Guns 1.1

- the PVP update



What has changed?

  • This mod is now providing a stable and working hit registry
  • Added Headshots
  • Added spray patterns (not from csgo)
  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Tweaked guns and their default properties
  • All gun crafting recipes and grenade crafting recipes can be changed in the config(also works for servers)
  • Added the CS:GO sounds
  • Added kill feed when someone is killed by a weapon
  • Added P90
  • This mods needs Inno-Core now to run!




Counter Guns adds 7 new Guns and 4 new Grenades to your minecraft world.



You can't craft these weapons, however, you can get them by using the GunTable, which can be crafted like this:



In this one, everything should be pretty self explaining.


Guns use ammunition, you get these in the Magazine Table, which can be crafted like this:



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