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The Golemania mod adds some brand new golems into the game! These golems have completely new appearances and abilities and can be powerful allies, or dangerous enemies! The mod also adds multiple new advancements to complete along the way! Golemania is sure to spice up your world!


Made by Alexander's Fun and Games


This mod requires GeckoLib


It is recommended to use the latest versions of Forge and GeckoLib when playing with this mod


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Some of the golems can be built like normal golems, but more complex golems need to be created in the Golem Forge:

Golem Forge:


The Golem Forge is a special machine that can be used to create golems with more complicated anatomy than ones that can simply be built using blocks.


To create a golem in the Golem Forge, you first need to insert a Golem Tablet into the receptacle at the top, but now you're probably asking "but what's a Golem Tablet?" here's the answer:


Golem Tablets are small bone slabs with instructions for the Golem Forge engraved on the top. When placed in the Golem Forge's tablet receptacle, the Golem Forge can read the instructions on the Tablet and is able to create the golem described on the Tablet.

The Golem Forge now needs materials to create the golem from and will start to display these materials on its screen, it's up to you to collect the materials and put them in the Golem Forge's furnace.


Once the Golem Forge has the necessary materials to make the golem it gets to work, heating the materials up into a liquid form and pouring them into its mould, the Golem Forge's piston then presses down on the mould to shape the golem and there you go! Your golem is done!


The Golem Forge's mould now needs to be replaced, this can be done by right-clicking it with a Cobblestone block.


Obtaining a Golem Forge:
There are to ways to obtain a Golem Forge: the first is to find it in a village, houses which contain Golem Forges can occasionally appear in villages, these houses also contain chests which can have Golem Tablets in them.

The other way to get a Golem Forge is to craft it! Golem Forges can be crafted with 3 Cobblestone, 3 Bricks, 1 Blast Furnace, 1 Redstone Lamp and 1 Piston.

Obtaining a Golem Tablet:
Golem Tablets can be obtained by finding them in Golem Forge chests in villages 
or crafted with 6 Bone Blocks, 1 Book and Quill and 2 of the item the golem you want to forge is made from.



Buildable Golems:

These golems can be built using normal blocks, similarly to Iron and Snow golems.


 Amethyst Golem:

The adorable Amethyst Golem is possibly the friendliest golem ever, It follows you around hoping to use its skills to help whenever possible!

The Amethyst Golem uses its magical regeneration powers to heal any damaged non-hostile mob in its vicinity by 5 hearts, this uses up a lot of the Amethyst Golem's power, so it needs to sleep for a while afterwards.


If Caves and Cliffs Backport is installed, damaged Amethyst Golems can be repaired using Amethyst Shards.


If you're curious to see what lies beneath the Amethyst Golem's pumpkin, it can be removed using Shears to reveal its adorably derpy face!


The Amethyst Golem can be built using Tuff, an Amethyst Block and a Carved Pumpkin, since Tuff and Amethyst aren't in 1.16.5, you're gonna need to install Caves and Cliffs Backport in order to create an Amethyst Golem.



 Coal Golem:

The Coal Golem isn't actually one golem, its three small golems stacked on top of each-other! This trio often fight over who should be on top of the pile, but all three share a burning passion for lighting furnaces!

Coal Golems seek out nearby furnaces, Blast Furnaces or Smokers and use their powers to make the furnace burn without any fuel! The Coal Golem is left feeling a bit burnt out after lighting furnaces though, and needs to sleep it off for a while before hopping back into action.


Damaged Coal Golems can be repaired using Coal.



The Coal Golem can be built using 2 Coal Blocks and a Carved Pumpkin.


Cobblestone Golem:

The Cobblestone Golem is a giant living gravestone with a Creeper face, if you think from that description that the Cobblestone Golem is an enemy then you'd be WRONG, the Cobblestone Golem is actually a very kind-hearted golem, only wishing to harm those who harm it or its creator!


Damaged Cobblestone Golems can be repaired using Cobblestone.



As you'd expect, Cobblestone Golems attack hostile mobs by exploding, dealing massive damage. Luckily, these explosions do no damage to nearby terrain.


"But it's a bit useless that it just explodes, and that's it gone" you may say, but the Cobblestone Golem actually explodes into lots of tiny Cobblestone Fragments, these adorable little critters try to reform as quickly as possible, turning back into the original Cobblestone Golem!


Cobblestone Golems are built using 3 Stone Bricks, 6 Cobblestone, 2 Cobblestone Stairs (these can be substituted for their mossy variants) and a Creeper Head (Creeper Heads are obtained by using a Trident with Channeling on a Creeper in a thunderstorm to charge it, and then killing a Creeper with the Charged Creeper)


Golden Golem:

Unsurprisingly, Golden Golems were originally created by Piglins to help defend their Bastions, the Bastions have since fallen into disrepair but the Golden Golems begrudgingly continue to defend the Bastion Remnants and their Piglin creators.


Golden Golems add an interesting new challenge to exploring Bastion Remnants, since they only attack if you're wearing gold, which would usually protect you from the denizens of the Bastions. Golden Golems are fairly weak, but shouldn't be underestimated, as they deal a lot of damage when attacking, Golden Golems are also known to occasionally celebrate after defeating a certain number of opponents.


Damaged Golden Golems can be repaired using Gold Ingots.


Luckily, not all Golden Golems are bad, if built by a player using 2 Blocks of Gold, 2 Blackstone and a Carved Pumpkin, Golden Golems will defend players instead, attacking any hostile mobs that get too near!


Forgeable Golems:

These golems need to be made using their respective Golem Tablet in the Golem Forge.


 Furnace Golem:

You may recognize the Furnace Golem, and that's because it was originally from Minecraft Earth! The Furnace Golem is an Iron Golem, upgraded with even more power thanks to the Blast Furnace embedded in its chest. But it's still just as friendly as a normal Iron Golem, occasionally offering a torch to nearby Villagers.


When the Furnace Golem is enraged, it flames burn twice as bright. It punches its opponents and flings them into the air, setting them on fire. The Furnace Golem certainly isn't one to be trifled with!


Damaged Furnace Golems can be repaired using Iron Ingots.



The Furnace Golem is the first golem on this list to be created in the Golem Forge, to create its Golem Tablet you'll need 6 Bone Blocks, 2 Blast Furnaces and a Book and Quill.


Once the Golem Tablet has been placed in a Golem Forge's Tablet Receptacle, you'll need 4 Blocks of Iron, 1 Torch, 1 Blast Furnace, 2 Iron Ingots, and a Carved Pumpkin to create the Furnace Golem.



Some of the following golems can use Patrol Beacons:

Patrol Beacons:


Patrol Beacons are special waypoints that certain golems can use to patrol a path set by the player, allowing for more complex defence systems!


To set up Patrol Beacons ready for a golem to use, you need to follow these steps:


  • Place Patrol beacons in the places you want your golem to patrol to
  • Right-click the Patrol Beacons so that the number of rings they have around them corresponds to the order you want your golem to patrol in (having two beacons with the same number of rings will make your golem pick a random one to patrol to)
  • Create a golem! The patrol beacons are set up and ready to be used!


Diamond Golem:

The Diamond Golem thinks of itself as a knight in shining armour! It bravely charges into battle, often coming out completely unscathed. It also has a dream of riding a Horse into battle, that dream is still unfulfilled, since all Horses it tries to ride simply buck it off, which greatly frustrates it, even when it manages to tame a Horse, the Horse just can't carry the Diamond Golem's weight.


Damaged Diamond Golems can be repaired using Diamonds.



The Diamond Golem attacks its opponents by cutting them to pieces using its sword arm, it also strategically uses its shield to block opposing attacks before using the shield to bash its enemies.


The Diamond Golem can also use Diamond Patrol Beacons to patrol a path set by the player, Diamond Patrol Beacons can be crafted with 3 Stone Bricks, 2 Blaze Rods and 4 Diamonds.


The Diamond Golem is created in the Golem Forge, to create its Golem Tablet you'll need 6 Bone Blocks, 2 Diamonds and a Book and Quill.


Once the Golem Tablet has been placed in a Golem Forge's Tablet Receptacle, you'll need 3 Blocks of Diamond, 5 Stone Bricks, and 3 Diamonds to create the Diamond Golem.


The following 2 golems are overheated when forged:

Overheated golems are golems that were exposed to too much heat when forged, causing them to be hostile.


All overheated golems have a weakness, causing them to be briefly stunned, if you use three buckets of water on them while they're stunned, they'll be cooled down and brought back to their senses.


Obsidian Golem:

The Obsidian Golem is an extremely powerful golem, with an appearance similar to the Redstone Golem from Minecraft Dungeons. This golem moves by rolling around on its singular wheel, which allows it to move at speed, although it does struggle to stay in one place.


The Obsidian Golem's primary method of attacking is to shoot bullets at its targets, which burst on contact, dealing considerable damage. If the golem's target gets too close to it, at will attempt to back away, if that fails, the Obsidian Golem will launch an attack, which may be its usual ranged attack, or a devastating swipe with its arm, dealing heavy damage.


Damaged Obsidian Golems can be repaired using Obsidian.



The Obsidian Golem does have a weakness though: with a well-timed hit, it's possible to launch its projectile back it, knocking it down for a while.


The Obsidian Golem also serves as a handy method of transport, right-clicking an Obsidian Golem with an empty hand will let you ride it, similarly to a Horse!


The Obsidian Golem is created in the Golem Forge, to create its Golem Tablet you'll need 6 Bone Blocks, 2 Obsidian and a Book and Quill.


Once the Golem Tablet has been placed in a Golem Forge's Tablet Receptacle, you'll need 3 Obsidian, 3 Crying Obsidian, 4 Cobblestone and 1 Block of Gold to create the Obsidian Golem. But beware, this golem is Overheated when forged, you'll need to exploit its weakness to bring it to its senses.


TNT Golem:

The TNT Golem is as destructive as it sounds, launching TNT out of its hands dealing heavy damage to enemy mobs and nearby blocks. Because of this, it's most common use is as a mining utility.


Damaged TNT Golems can be repaired using TNT.



The TNT Golem attacks opposing mobs by shooting primed TNT from its hands at them. If it gets killed, the TNT Golem launches one last attack, blowing itself up, dealing extreme damage to anything nearby.


The TNT Golem has a massive weakness to fire, if it's burning for too long, its fuse will light and it'll explode!


If the TNT Golem is damaged by an explosion, whether it's from an opposing mob or its own TNT, it'll get stunned briefly.


Just like the Obsidian Golem, the TNT Golem can be ridden, it's a much less useful mode of transport, since its tracks can't move very fast, but it can be controlled to shoot TNT by pressing the SPACE bar, making it a handy utility for destroying terrain or mining.


The TNT Golem is created in the Golem Forge, to create its Golem Tablet you'll need 6 Bone Blocks, 2 TNT and a Book and Quill.


Once the Golem Tablet has been placed in a Golem Forge's Tablet Receptacle, you'll need 9 TNT, 2 Stone Bricks, 2 Smooth Stone, 1 Obsidian, 3 String and 1 Jack o' Lantern to create the TNT Golem. But beware, this golem is Overheated when forged, you'll need to exploit its weakness to bring it to its senses.


The Netherite Golem

This Golem can't be created from building or in a Golem Forge, it needs to be upgraded from another golem.

The Netherite Golem is a Diamond Golem but reinforced with Netherite, it has a large tail, Hoglin visor and replaced its sword with a large hammer. This golem is a true warrior!


Damaged Netherite Golems can be repaired using Netherite Scraps.



The Netherite Golem attacks by slamming its Netherite hammer down upon its target, dealing heavy damage and setting its target on fire. It's kept its Shield Bash attack from when it was a Diamond Golem, but has also gained the ability to swing its spiked tail at enemies, dealing lots of damage.


If named "Gilded" with a Name Tag, the Ancient Debris on the Netherite Golem are replaced with Gilded Blackstone!


The Netherite Golem can also use Netherite Patrol Beacons to patrol a path set by the player, Netherite Patrol Beacons can be crafted with a Diamond Patrol Beacon and a Netherite Scrap.


The Netherite Golem is created by using a Block of Netherite to upgrade a Diamond Golem.




Bonus stuff:

This mod adds new versions of Pumpkins, the Redstone Jack o' Lantern and Soul Jack o' Lantern!

It also adds Carved Melons, resembling the head of the Melon Golem from Minecraft Earth, and the Jack o' Melon, Redstone Jack o' Melon and Soul Jack o' Melon!

The Carved Pumpkin can be substituted for any of these when building a golem! Snow Golems and Amethyst Golems even wear the Pumpkin or Melon they were built with instead of a normal Carved Pumpkin!


The mod also adds Spawn Eggs for all golems, including the Iron and Snow Golems!


Furnace Golems, Amethyst Golems, and Diamond Golems can sometimes appear in Villages instead of the usual Iron Golem, or can be spawned by Villagers that are panicking.


these golems will behave slightly differently to player made ones, and Villager built Diamond Golems can't be upgraded to Netherite Golems.


Obsidian Golems will join in hard mode Raids!


The mod also adds tons of new advancements to complete!


Golemania has a handy config file, which can be used to change certain things about the mod!



Vaguely Interesting, who made the awesome logo!

BottomTextCf28, who made the great textures for the Pumpkins and Melons!


This mod will not be receiving more updates!

The 1.16.5 version of this mod won't be getting any new content updates.

the mod will be getting ported to the latest version of Minecraft though, probably 1.19!


If you want to use the mod in a video or modpack:

Just be sure to credit me and leave a link to this CurseForge page!


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