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GlobalSpawn allows you to change spawn dimension and position via command (server owners) or config file (modpack makers). GlobalSpawn can be used serverside only!


Want play a "Nether Escape" scenario or start in an other custom dimension? Now you can!

You are also able to set an initial spawn point. If an initial spawn is set a player that first joins the server will join at this position instead, overriding the default and global spawn points. This way new players can be spawned in a welcome, rules or tutorial area.


Setting the global spawn via command


Spawn Algorithm:

  1. First join? => Initial Spawn (if active)
  2. Has Player respawn Point (bed, ...)? => Use vanilla respawn point
  3. Is GlobalSpawnPoint active? => Global spawn point
  4. Vanilla overworld spawn


There also is a setting to always spawn players at the global spawn when they rejoin the server.



/globalspawnpoint query
/globalspawnpoint remove
/globalspawnpoint set <dimension> <position> <spawn criterion> <spread> <angle>

Cross dimension spawn point for all players without bed /respawn anchor/...


/initialspawnpoint query
/initialspawnpoint remove
/initialspawnpoint set <dimension> <position> <spawn criterion> <spread> <angle>

One-time cross dimension spawn point for new players.