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Spectrum is a story driven, exploration-based magic mod for Fabric focusing on the natural energies that flow in the world, represented in color.


It is progression based and tries to not give everything away at first glance. Every step in your journey through the mod will be hinted at via advancements and the ingame manual that you will be gifted.



Just because something looks like stone doesn't mean it is...

There is a lot to uncover and lots of discoveries to be made.



Spectrum is inspired by some of my favorite mods like Botania, Chromaticraft and Dartcraft, while still bringing a lot of new stuff to the table.


Progressing through the mod

Find your first gemstone geode to get started! Everything else is hinted at via advancements and the guidebook gifted to you.

Everything you stumble upon, every recipe you unlock, every discovery you make will be noted in this guidebook, the Colorful World.


>> Spectrum is not meant to be rushed, but to be enjoyed. It is best played alongside your normal playthrough <<



New ways to craft

Spectrum features loads of new ways to express yourself. Its multiblock structures are designed in a way to feel satisfying, fun to play with and to give you the opportunity to express your creativity by giving you lots of freedom on how to construct them.


Everything you ever wanted in a Magic Mod

  • Lots of new Magical Items, Blocks and Fluids
  • Lots of decorations
  • Lots of new enchantments
  • Custom sounds and particles
  • New ores, plants and geodes that are yours to find


Come join Spectrums Community Discord

There is lots of fun to be had, builds to be shared and always a great way to ask questions:



Want to contribute?

Every single input, feedback, bug report, sound effect or texture is greatly appreciated!

Spectrum currently is mostly a one-man project and as you might have guessed while I have an eye for the big picture and coding abilities I am definitely not the best artist and definitely not a sound designer either. :)


Lots of room to tinker for modpack makers

Pretty much everything is configurable, from recipes to the progression path. Spectrum also comes with new ways to unlock advancements.

The full and extensive documentation is available in Spectrums Wiki.



Mod Integration



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