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Global GameRules

A mod that allows for global GameRules that applies when a world is loaded.
Also alows for default world difficulty when loaded and locking of the difficulty
When locking a worlds difficulty it can't be unlocked again and it's done after any difficulty changes. A locked world won't have it's difficulty changed when loaded.
All changes made to the GameRules or the difficulty in one world is applied to all other worlds when they are loaded and saved to the config.

Changes made in either config file or in-game config gui is applied on world loads.

In 1.16+ I recommend using the Configured mod to change configs in-game.
1.15.2: In-Game config isn't implemented in forge so you need to edit in the config file. You can edit the file wihout restarting the game, you only need to reload the world/edit when in the mainmenu.

Default Config

Example of changed config

1.8.9 example

1.9/1.10.2 example

ModPack Usage?

You are free to use my mod in your mod pack.