Glare Torch

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This MOD to add a glaring torch.
This torch illuminates a wider area than a normal torch.
Please refer to the image for details.



This is the MOD I created.


Ver 8.00

Change to make it possible to delete ordinary torches by force removal tool.


Ver 7.00

· Supports multi server.


 Ver 6.00

· Shift + Jump + Right click makes it possible to throw all of the torches that it has at a stretch.
This is a play technique. Since there is no practicality, it is recommended to change the config setting in case of erroneous operation.
· Modified some Config comments. Since it becomes double config, it is recommended to delete config once.

これはお遊び的な技です。 実用性は皆無なため、誤操作する場合config設定を変えることをお勧めします。

Ver 5.00

·Shift + Right click to be able to throw a glare torch. You can also attack monsters.
·It corresponds to switching of languages such as config and explanation.
·Added various config.



·Bug fixes.


Ver 4.00

· Added 'Light source forcible removal tool' for case of light source bug.


Ver 3.00

· It became possible to put it on the wall like an ordinary torch.
· Config can now be changed by GUI. However, restart is necessary to reflect ... · · ·.
· Since the color of the torch was difficult to discriminate, the color was changed.
· Added MOD logo.

If Ver1.00 or Ver 2.00 is already in place, existing torches will be deleted.
Because light will remain, please remove it before introducing it.
I am sorry, I think that version up like this will probably be the last in this.


Ver1.00 or Ver2.00がすでに入っている場合、既存の松明は削除されます。

Ver 2.00

· Four types of torches with different ranges were added.
· It became possible to change the number of craft at the config. The initial value is 4.




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