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It is MOD which adds about 90 large, medium and small various dungeons, towns and other buildings.

· This building is based on what I was creating for MOD called DQM 4 which I had previously created.
· It is possible to make detailed settings such as changing the generation rate and what kind of buildings are to be created in config.
· We have added some special blocks necessary for dungeon gimmicks.
· Treasures are prepared for villagers in the city and dungeons. Other simple structures only exist.
· Some dungeons may be difficult to clear by a rather complicated configuration.

· All the buildings are changed variously each time the building is created.

· Since almost all blocks are existing blocks of Minecraft, you can enjoy changing by texture.

I will introduce the image of the building although it is only a part.

The image is changing the texture.







This is the MOD I created.



Ver 10.00

・You can now change the maximum number of monsters that pop to the dungeon with config.


Ver 9.00

· Change generation process of all buildings.
  It is made to generate in topography and natural form than before.
  Somewhat processing is lighter.
· Dungeon Sponsor is abolished. I am boiling a monster by another method.
· Dungeon changed the chest of the city to random arrangement.
· Magic scholars changed to spawn only in town.


Ver 8.00

・7 types of magic added in the dungeon are added.
Magic can be leveled up by someone, the power will increase.
There are attributes, and damage varies depending on compatibility.
・Added config.
・Fixed a bug in multi.


 Ver 7.00

・Add 3 dimensions.
To go to the dimension you need an item that you can create by crafting a stone system.
Please check the recipe for details.
I will briefly explain the three dimensions.
① Almost the same world as a normal world.
② A world where nothing is particularly plain.
③ The world where sandstone spreads nothing in particular.
Please use it usually when you do not want to create a dungeon in the world.
In addition, you can set the level of the monster of additional dimension with config.
Up to Lv 100 monsters will appear.


Ver 6.00 - 6.50

・Add 1 boss monster.
・Add 1 helmet. It can be made from boss material. Special effect: It will not catch on thread.
・Add three small fish monsters.
・All names of config have been rewritten. Delete the config file once.
・Added config item.
・Fixed that some monsters did not spawn.
・The strength of the monster has changed with Minecraft difficulty setting.


Ver 5.00 - 5.50

・Added monster to the dungeon.
· There are levels in monsters, ability changes.
· The creation rate of monster sponsor can be changed by config.
· The Nether, End, the monster changes in the usual world and the level also rises.


 Ver 4.00

・It corresponds to the server.


 Ver 2.00 & 3.00

It was fixed because it was forcibly terminated.



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