Gigeresque is a horror-themed mod that offers players a dive into the horrific biomechanical world of the xenomorphs, and the mutated realms of the neomorphs, deacons, and goo mutants. As you explore the world, you may find, buried deep underground, black monolithic structures that contain life inside. Though this life was sealed up there for a good reason. Inside of these dungeons you may find strange, leathery egg-like capsules that contain horrific facehuggers, or may find potently mutagenic black goo, and more. Unlike AvP, its spiritual predecessor, Gigeresque plays up the ancient alien horror aspect of the universe, and uses a sort of "Pandora's Box" inspired modus operandi, in which the xenomorphs lie in wait, hidden away in structures, waiting for foolish adventures to release them, rather than spawning on the surface like zombies. In addition, this mod focuses more on the original Alien from 1979 as well as Prometheus from 2012, meaning there are no queens, hiveminds, or general cannon-fodder hissing shrieking bugs that jump in the way of guns for seemingly no reason, and instead, aims to depict the Perfect Organism in all its glory.


Xenomorphs are the main feature of the mod, but not the only one. If you are unaware, they are horrific alien parasites originated from some unknown planet, most likely engineered rather than natural. Their creators took their eggs and hide them away, with a hope no one befalls the same fate they did... From these eggs the spider-like Facehuggers will emerge, looking for a host to implant with eggs. Xenomorphs host in the bodies of living, warm-blooded organisms, and will violently emerge from them, bearing aspects of their host in a distorted form. Adult creatures can eggmorph, a terrifying process in which they turn living biomass from a target into a new egg, ready to start the process all over.


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Cybercat5555: Creator, modeler, texturer

AzureDoom: Coder/Animations

Aelpecyem: Assistance with rendering

Voddak: Animations

DaffaTheOne: Animations

Assasingus14: Sounds

Vetus Dea: Builder
mother: Builder

undermark5: Contributor

Boston V: Former Coder



Q: What version is this mod for?

A: Gigeresque is for Fabric/NeoForge and the last Minecraft version will be the maintained version.


Q: Will you backport to 1.16.5/earlier/port to Forge?

A: No and no.


Q: Can I port the mod to an earlier version/to Forge?

A: No.


Q: Is this mod compatible with Sinytra Connector for 1.20.1?

A: Yes and no. Yes it works as long as you use the Forge version of SmartBrainLib. However, 1.20.1 is no longer supported.


Q: Will you add X?

A: Depends. Neomorphs, deacons, and goo mutants are all planned for future updates. However things like predators, marines, queens, tamable xenos, tech (such as guns or ways to genetically modify xenos), or "monster in-fighting" (such as red xenos) will never be included. Do NOT ask for them.

Q: Can I use Gigeresque in a showcase/let's play?

A: Go ahead! Shoot us a link if so!


Q: Can I use Gigeresque in a modpack?

A: Depends. Gigeresque can be freely added to packs that are to be hosted on Curseforge/Modrinth, but we strongly disapprove of Technic, as it does not give the creators of the mods proper credit.


Q: How do I acquire eggs or goo?

A: Both eggs and goo can be found in dungeons that generate underground. These dungeons contain not only eggs and goo, but valuable loot left there by their creators, but now they also crawl with deadly mutants, on top of eggs.


Q: Help I've been facehugged, what can I do?

A: Embryos can be removed with the Surgery Kit, though being infected by black goo has no cure



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