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Get It Together, Drops!


This mod adds two configuration options to control how dropped items combine on the ground. This can significantly improve performance in areas with lots of dropped items, like explosion craters or farms. This mod can be installed on a server without requiring players to install it. It can also be used in singleplayer.



The mod has the following config options: (For Forge: In 1.15+, these config settings can be found in the serverconfig folder of your world's folder)

radius - This is a value from 0.5 to 500 and defines the size of the area in which a dropped item will search for other dropped items to combine with. Example: Setting this to 5.0 will search in an area of 5 blocks (in all directions) around the dropped item. "0.5" is vanilla behavior. Do note, that this behavior does not take walls into account.
checkY - Set this to true if you want dropped items to also check above and below them, set to false if not. "false" is vanilla behavior.



There are also two item tags which can further control the behavior of specific items:

- getittogetherdrops:do_not_combine - Items that are added to the tag do not combine at all
getittogetherdrops:ignored - Items in this tag will be ignored by the mod, and as such fall back to vanilla behavior. This tag takes precedence over getittogetherdrops:do_not_combine




You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack.


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