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95,926 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.14-Snapshot

This mod is depends on AppleCore.


This mod is marked as compitable with versions 1.13, 1.14 and etc.? because it is compitable with any version higher than 1.12.

Yes, Forge isn't available for some of this version and AppleCore not released too, but when this mods will be released you can download Get Back to Home without any worries and it will work,


All you need is just type in chat:

/sethome or /createhome - to set spawnpoint

/home or /back - to teleport back

/removehome or /deletehome - if you for some reasons want to delete your home point (you do not need to do that if you just want to change home point)


Additionaly this mod fixes one of vanilla minecraft bugs: now if you have 0 food and 0 saturation, your exhaustion level will not be lowered automaticly.


You can find sources of the mod on GitHub.


You can configure almost everypart of mode.



Movement cost:

For each block your exhaustion (this is vanilla parameter, you can find more information here).

By default mod uses vanilla costs. For every meter of horizontal movement you will get 0.1 (sprint cost) exhaustion point. For every meter up you will get 0.2 (jumping while sprinting). And your exhaustion will not be changed to move down.

Config file has four modifiers to edit movement costs: cost_for_one_meter_horizontallycost_for_one_meter_upcost_for_one_meter_down and cost_multiplier on which all exhaustion costs will be multiplied.


How you will pay:

There is two ways to do it (you can choose one of them in config).

1. Your movement costs will be just added to your characters exhaustion level and vanilla mechanics will lower your saturation and hunger. If you do not have enough hunger, you might starve. But with this type your teleportation is guaranteed.

2. Or mod will automaticly lower you saturation, hunger and remove food from your toolbar (not from all inventory) to pay for you teleportation. If sum of saturation, hunger and food from your toolbar is not enough for teleportation, mod cancels teleportation and not change any of your parameters.


Attention: if you are using this mod with Hunger Overhaul and want to pay for teleportations with first method, then in hunger overhauls config set "I:damageOnStarve" to 1 (vanilla) or some number that will not kill you immediately.


Teleportation in fall:

By default you can not use teleportation while falling, but you can change it in config.


Delay before teleportation:

By default there is no delay, but config gives you ability to activate "delay" or "stay still" mods.

In Delay mod you just need to wait 3 seconds, but in lava this time will not give you ability to save your life.

In Stay still mode you need to wait 3 seconds too. But if you move or will be damaged, teleportation will be canceled.


Teleportation near monsters:

By default you can not teleport if mob is in 5 meter radius near you. It may be changed in config.


Teleportation on mount:

You can configure what will happen if you will activate command on mount (boat, horse, etc). You can teleport with or without mount.

And if you want to teleport with it, you can configure cost multiplier for teleportation of mount.


Setting your new home:

By default is only way to set new home is chat commands (/sethome or /createhome), but config gives you ability to activate "home in bed" or "combined" mods.

I you choose Home in bed mod, then the only way to set home is sleep at bed.

In combined mod sleep will change you home to bed, but you still can use chat commands.



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