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Geolosys Changelog (1.18)


This version was made insanely optimized and less buggy thanks to the incredible work of @lukebemish. Please go follow them on GitHub if that's your thing ����

**You will need to create a new world or follow the steps below AFTER BACKING IT UP **

Open your world folder, go to data and open capabilities.dat in your preferred NBT Editor (I Prefer NBTExplorer). Then, expand the data tag and delete the key geolosys:deposits.


  • Bizarre crashes on startup (again, thanks to @lukebemish) (#308)
  • Geolosys world generation just stopping at chunk borders, even though it's seriously not supposed to.
  • Geolosys causing large worlds, long save times (#307)



  • setBlock detected in far chunk spam. This fix was made by BlackxSnow - ✨THANK YOU!!✨
  • Field Manual being gifted multiple times


Ported to 1.18.2

With the major changes in this version, any and all input on any issues faced with Geolosys are insanely helpful. Please leave any bug reports over at



  • setBlock detected in far chunk spam. As it happens, this was on my end 😑
  • Fixed biome types not working as expected
  • Potential fix for servers crashing with no log (🤞)


Relegating to status of Release, because ForgeCraft has found most of the nasty bugs


  • The config item samplePlacementBlacklist has been removed in favor of using a new block tag that ats as a white-list: geolosys:supports_sample


  • Persistent data not being persistent
  • Crashes / errors with Patreon fetching
  • When holding a block/item in your offhand and a ProPick in your mainhand, both hands' items would be used
  • Geolosys features showing up as null rather than geolosys:deposits, etc.. (i.e. properly register features so the game no get angy)



  • Patron chapter in the Field Manual causing significant lag on reload/join
  • Patron chapter in the Field Manual not rendering Patrons



  • Wrong tags being used for Clusters. Should now work better with your machinery
  • Deepslate ores not being registered as #forge:ore
  • Coals not being usable for Torch recipe, not being registered as #minecraft:coal



  • Crash when no plutons are defined for a given condition, dimension, etc.



  • New Config Option proPickDetectionBlacklist
    • Allows you to blacklist certain blocks from being picked up by the Pro Pick regardless of if it's part of a deposit or not.



  • Patchouli Compatibility
    • Patchouli is once again required for Geolosys to run.
    • You'll need to get the latest build from the Patchouli Maven - choose Patchouli-1.18-58-20211211.180957-1.jar
    • Apologies that it's not yet on CurseForge, but it's not in my control and Geolosys is currently in alpha, so...
  • Re-introduced Osmium, Certus Quartz, Charged Certus Quartz, Yellorium & Sulfur drops for their respective ores.


  • Copper and Raw Copper Still Generating
  • [Potentially Fixed] Deposits being cut off at chunk borders.


  • Malachite & Azurite are now separate.
    • Malachite is more commonly found and is found usually more higher up, though it can be found in deepslate
    • Azurite is less frequently found, but comes in larger deposits. Usually found in deepslate levels
  • chunkSkipChance is now a double (ranges from 0.0 to 1.0) rather than a somewhat-arbitrary integer
    • it is used in a more logical way as well - rather than being based on the generationWeight for a randomly picked pluton
  • Stored data for Geolosys deposit placement has been removed. This may come back if someone finds a critical issue with this
  • Stored data for Manual Gifting has been moved to player-level to make it easier to maintain for server owners as well as myself
  • [CODE] Reworked serialization/deserialization of pending blocks in Capability


Pretty much just a port rather than the full rewrite I wanted from before. Some things to note:

  • Cave biomes can be used for Geolosys now!
  • You can now control how many deposits try to generate in a single chunk
  • New deepslate variants made
  • Changes to the datapacks:
  • I know about the Detected setBlock in a far chunk bug. I can't fix it. I don't care.
  • Patchouli isn't out yet so no field manual.. yet.

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