GBPTweaker is a mod that contains several general tweaks for my pack called Generic Botania Pack. Whilst this means that the mod is heavily meant to be used in this pack, nothing is really actually stopping it from being used in other packs, aside from the changes seeming out of place and the number of mandatory dependencies. Essentially, it's just unlikely that it'll work outside of the pack its meant for.
Additionally, none of the new items in the mod have recipes by default, as the recipes are included in the pack itself


Some of the tweaks included in this mod:


  • Dieselotus - A datapackable flower that can be configured to burn any placable fluid to generate mana. Works similarly to a thermalily, so credit to Botania
  • Fast Enchanting Apparatus - An alternative to the Ars Nouveau Enchanting Apparatus that completes the recipe instantly instead of going through an animation
  • Endoflame and Entropinnyum nerfs - Reduced Mana Generation from these two
  • Magebloom Changes - Magebloom from Ars Nouveau can no longer be bonemealed
  • Orechid Ignem changes - can be used in any dimension
  • Mob Farm changes from Easy Mob Farm - The Different mob farms produce different amounts of resources
  • Imbuement Chamber Changes -  Ars Nouveau Imbuement Chamber emits a comparator signal while conducting a recipe
  • Creeper Gland and Bloodstone - Bloodstone from Twigs can be created by having an entity die ontop of stone, creeper gland can be gotten by killing a creeper as it is charging an explosion
  • Pebble Spawn Glyph - Spawns Pebbles from Botania
  • Manamotor and Spinerette - The Manamotor works in conjunction with the Spinerette to generate create RPM and SU from botania mana. The Spinerette can be placed on several tiers of soil, from any soil to rooted dirt to Farmers Delight rich soil to a custom soil and enchanted soil. These soils allow the flower to produce more RPM and a greater stress capacity.
  • Manaelectrum Tools - Retextured versions of Manasteel Tools (Credit to Botania), but can take advantage of the Fortunate Gold feature from Quark, meaning that they have inbuilt fortune and can repair themselves using mana.
  • Mana -> Source - Source can be produced by pointing a mana spreader at a source jar and having mana in the spreader.
  • Mana -> AE2 energy - Mana can be directly converted to AE2 energy by pointing a spreader into an AE2 energy cell



If you find any of these changes to be interesting, feel free to take them for your own from the source linked on this page, although I would appreciate credit and a link. I also eventually plan to make the Manamotor and Spinerette into their own standalone mod.

(Credit to Botania for its logo in the middle)


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