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This Modification adds new ways to accelerate the growth of plants

And convert seeds into other seeds



Recipes in the normal Craftingtable:


create the Gardenworkbench:


Recipes in the Gardenworkbench:

 GUI of the Gardenworkbench:


create the Fertilizer:


create the Growth Accelerator:


Convert Seeds in the Gardenworkbench:


Convert Potatos and Carrots:



Recipes in the Growth Accelerator:


How it works:

You put the plant you want to grow in the upper left slot in this example a carrot. For every grow process you need one Fertilizer in the left bottom corner.

You will get 3 Items out of normal Plants and 4 out of Plants with Seeds or Saplings.

Ration: 1 Sapling 3 "Fruits"

Plants that work in the Growth Accelerator:


1 Carrot -----> 3 Carrots

1 Sapling -----> 3 Log + 1 Sapling

1 Potato -----> 3 Potatos

1 Beetrootseed -----> 3 Betroots + 1 Beetrootseed

1 Melon Seed -----> 3 Melons

1 Pumpkinseed -----> 3 Pumpkins

1 Wheatseed -----> 3 Wheat + 1 Seed

1 Sugarcane -----> 3 Sugarcanes


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