121,967 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.2

It shows information on the game screen.

- Player position,

- Nether/Overworld coordinate conversion,

- Light level

- Address you are viewing,

- Diasable default auto jump,

- Game time 

- Sends you a chat message with the coordinates of the last death point.


Change mod settings press the keys 'I','O','P' or with command "/gameinfo" 


It depends


New in 1.5.4

-Fix alert light level
-Fix show days in server
-Delay sound alert
-Add disable toast alert setting


New in 1.5.2

-Fix Slime Chunk Detector


New in 1.5.1

-Fix Update Setting File


New in 1.5.0

-Update to 20w21a

-Add light low level alert(Disable default)


New in 1.4.2

-Update to 20w17a
-Add FPS and Tick Server to HUD (Disable default).
-Fix Translate text.
-Fix World Name in deathpoints.


New in 1.4.1
-Update to 20w16a
-Add Slime Chunk indicator (Disable default).


New in 1.4.0
-Add Mod Menu support.
-Add key "p" for open setting menu.
New in 1.3.5
-Update to 20w14a
-Fix calc world time in server
-Fix Hud Light color
-Death points save in ".minecraft/deathpoints" folder.


New in 1.3.3
-Update to 20w13b
-Add command "gameinfo" to change the settings of the mod in the game.
-Death logs are stored in the folder of the world. Save death point in file ".minecraft/saves/WOLD_NAME/deathPoints.txt".


New in 1.3.1
-Update to 20w12a.
-Add file death points log in ".minecraft/deathPoints.txt".
-Add keys for toggle light level in the hud.


New in 1.3.0
-Add load/save settings.
-Add Light level in the HUD.
-Add file settings in the ".minecraft/config/gameinfo.json"
-Enable default autojump disable on game start.

New in 1.2.0
-Update Minecraft version to 20w11a
-Eliminate Spinnery dependence
-Add mixin to render hud
-Add HudStaticText class for rendering text

New in 1.1.2
-Add keybinding
-Add key toggle Show/Hidden Info
-Add key toggle Show/Hidden Death Message
-Add key toggle Auto Jump Killer
-Add key toggle Mode to show info



Hud modes

Light in the hud








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