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It shows information on the game screen.

- Player position,

- Nether/Overworld coordinate conversion,

- Light level

- Address you are viewing,

- Diasable default auto jump,

- Game time 

- Sends you a chat message with the coordinates of the last death point.


from 1.16.4, you must configure the keys binds from the configuration menu

Change mod settings press the keys 'I','O','P' or with command "/gameinfo" 


It depends https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-api



New in 2.0.1

 -Add Show biome in the hud (Disable default)
 -Add Round Coords modes
 -Add Commands settings, only singleplayer
 -Add "Order by width" option
 -Add "Reverse order" option
 -Add "Position Hud" option
 -Add "Edit HUD" option
 -Add "HUDFILE" option
 -Add Translated Text

 -Fix Day

 -Add HUD Editor

HUD files in ".minecraft/gameinfo-resource"

The mod was almost completely rewritten
Many internal changes


New in 1.5.4

-Fix alert light level
-Fix show days in server
-Delay sound alert
-Add disable toast alert setting


New in 1.5.2

-Fix Slime Chunk Detector


New in 1.5.1

-Fix Update Setting File


New in 1.5.0

-Update to 20w21a

-Add light low level alert(Disable default)


New in 1.4.2

-Update to 20w17a
-Add FPS and Tick Server to HUD (Disable default).
-Fix Translate text.
-Fix World Name in deathpoints.


New in 1.4.1
-Update to 20w16a
-Add Slime Chunk indicator (Disable default).


New in 1.4.0
-Add Mod Menu support.
-Add key "p" for open setting menu.
New in 1.3.5
-Update to 20w14a
-Fix calc world time in server
-Fix Hud Light color
-Death points save in ".minecraft/deathpoints" folder.


New in 1.3.3
-Update to 20w13b
-Add command "gameinfo" to change the settings of the mod in the game.
-Death logs are stored in the folder of the world. Save death point in file ".minecraft/saves/WOLD_NAME/deathPoints.txt".


New in 1.3.1
-Update to 20w12a.
-Add file death points log in ".minecraft/deathPoints.txt".
-Add keys for toggle light level in the hud.


New in 1.3.0
-Add load/save settings.
-Add Light level in the HUD.
-Add file settings in the ".minecraft/config/gameinfo.json"
-Enable default autojump disable on game start.

New in 1.2.0
-Update Minecraft version to 20w11a
-Eliminate Spinnery dependence
-Add mixin to render hud
-Add HudStaticText class for rendering text

New in 1.1.2
-Add keybinding
-Add key toggle Show/Hidden Info
-Add key toggle Show/Hidden Death Message
-Add key toggle Auto Jump Killer
-Add key toggle Mode to show info



Hud modes

Light in the hud