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So, I've been thinking a lot the last month and I will no longer update my ore mods. I don't really feel like they're good or balanced enough. If you want to take the reins of the project reach me out on Discord. Sorry.


This mod is getting a complete rework soon!


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This description applies to version 1.1.0 of the mod

If you come from 1.0.7 please regenerate the config

This mod adds a new ore  (that emits ender particles) found in the Outer End Islands, on the surface, and when you kill the first Ender Dragon on the main island. In fact, if you mine inside an End Island, you can't find any.
The ore can be mined only with a Diamond Pickaxe (or any other tool that has the Diamond Pickaxe mining level)


The properties of the Tools and Armor are like Iron and Diamond, with some special properties. Crafting recipes are always the same.



  • Every Armor Piece increases the chance for the player to not lose items when dying into the Void
    More armor points from the armor piece = higher chance

    A full set has 90% chance for each item stack (slot) to not be lost in the void forever
    But every item saved will damage the armor by 2
  • The armor points given by a full set of Galaxite Armor is 13 ()
  • The durability is the same as a Diamond Armor

Tools and Weapons

  • The Sword deals 50% more damage when the player is in the End
  • Tools are 100% more efficient when in the End
  • Tools and Sword have 2x the durability of Iron Tools (502)
  • The Axe has the same Damage as and Iron one (9) and 0.95 Attack Speed
  • Tools are sightly faster than a Iron Tools and can mine like Diamond ones so a Galaxite Pickaxe can mine Obsidian

Advancements (1.12+ only)

  • The mod has advancements that help the player learn the mod (recipes properly unlock too)


Configurable Things

# Configuration file

config {
    # Whenever or not enable more infos
    B:"More Info"=false

    "tools and weapons" {
        # Bonus % damage increase for Galaxite Tools and Sword when in the end
        D:"Bonus Damage"=50.0

        # Bonus Efficency % for tools when in the End (100.0 means that the tool will be twice as fast in the End)
        D:"Bonus Efficiency"=100.0

    "ore generation" {
        # Should Veins only generate near Air (so mining will lead no ores) (applies to main and outer islands generation)
        B:"Only Near Air"=true

        "outer islands" {
            # Ores Generated Per Vein in outer islands
            I:"Ore per Vein"=3

            # Veins that try to spawn in a chunk in the outer islands
            I:"Vein per Chunk"=5

        "main island" {
            # Every how many ticks during the first dragon death animation try to spawn 'vein_per_tick' vein of galaxite in the main island?
            # Min: 1
            # Max: 101
            I:"Dragon Death Tick"=1

            # Should Veins generate in the main island when the first killed dragon dies?
            B:"Generate on Dragon Death"=true

            # Ores Generated Per Vein in the main island
            I:"Ore Per Vein"=3

            # Veins that try to spawn every tick in the main island on dragon death
            I:"Vein per Tick"=5



Any idea for a new configurable option is welcome!


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Don't download this mod from any other website than Curse or the Twitch app. It might be scam and might harm your PC. Check for more infos.


This mod WASN'T made with MCreator


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