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Welcome to Furnish!

Furnish adds lovely and useful furniture to Minecraft.

It has the advantage to not require a ton a crafting since everything happens in the Furniture Workbench, a Stonecutter-like crafting table.


Please note that I only guarantee the integrity of the JAR files on Curse and Modrinth, not from the 3rd party sites which repost mods.


Kitchen Example


Bedroom Example


The Woolen Update

In version 0.3, a bunch of wool related furniture has been added: sofas, awnings, buntings.

Carpets can now be placed on stairs and trapdoors (that can be used to make fun traps!).

There are also shutters which can be used to.. well.. close a window and new paintings!

Watch the update presentation video here!


Village Market Example

Comfy Living Room


The Variety Update

In version 0.2, furniture from all wood types have been added!

Each furniture has it's own little something to make it unique.

See, for example, this meeting room we found deep underground...


Dark Meeting


Some other things have been added: Amphoras, made with Terracotta, and Book Piles which provide enchanting power.


Watch the introduction video

Here's a little spotlight video I made to present the mod and some upcoming features!



For mod/modpack makers, it's easy to add a recipe for your block in the worbench, with the new recipe type furnish:furniture_making.

Here's an example with Market Crates crates.

  "type": "furnish:furniture_making",
  "ingredient": {
    "item": "minecraft:acacia_planks"
  "result": "marketcrates:acacia_crate",
  "count": 1



You can, of course, include Furnish in your modpack, that's why I'm making it.

Furnish is part of my own modpack, The Cubic Upgrade, which aims to enhance Minecraft in every aspect: exploration, fighting, building, cooking, enchanting, engineering... take a look!


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