FunItems Mod

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What is FunItems Mod?

It is a mod that adds Terraria-like early-mid-lategame items to the game to make it more proggresive. Always download the recent update to see better systems and content.

If you encounter ghost textures thanks to optifine i believe you can configure it.




It is not just adding items it is also adding weird stuff you could mess around.


Item Abilities: Nearly all items have special abilities to improve its quality rather than having its attack damaged increased. On hold, on rightclick, on hit, on leftclick, each set piece, full set bonus etc. might be the way of granting bonusses or a way of being able to cast items abilities. Could check images section to be well-informed.


Soul Stones: They are for capturing mobs inside them. You can think that they are pokeballs.


Lootbags: For now only 2 vanilla bosses have their own unique lootbags as well as Lootkeepers. Lootbags can reward you with mid-high-valued materials or 2 unique set piece drops.


Magictable: It is a way to craft with higher amount of materials that cannot fit in the crafting table. It has its own GUI. A basic magictable crafting would require 4 essential types of items. First slot is the material of the item that could be anything. The second slot is the right amount and right tier of Essence of Greed. The third slot is the right tier and amount of Power Crystal. The fourth slot is the blueprint, only item that would not end up being wasted,used as an ingredient, it has infinite amount of uses. Every crafting recipe will be in Crafting and Gathering Section down below.


Lootkeepers: Minibosses that has currently 5 tiers. Painful, Excruciating, Fatal, Infernal, Undefeatable or just I,II,III,IV,V.




Each tier they get 250 HP , 8 Armor , 8 Attack Damage. Tier also increases the drops. But Tier V Lootkeepers contain all modifiers at once, their third hit grants double damage, have %80 damage reduction, and have 1750 HP. Even with the best items they are literally undefeatable. Chance of encountering a Lootkeeper is 1/300. But you also have a summoning jewel to summon them too. It will consume the jewel on summoning. Their lootbags are the only way to get precious Offhand Items.





Crafting and Gathering

Basic crafted items in crafting table can be accesed via JEI. But since there is not JEI support yet for the Magictable crafts you need to check them. If you want the custom ores back in the mod set orespawn in the config file to true.


Magictable Craftings: 

Can be checked in game so simple, rightclicking with blueprints will help you to choose right item in the blueprint and show all its ingredients. For help check images section. This video may help you.



Essence of Greed Drop:

Some items need to be gathered in some way you need to know. On each mob kill a lesser essence of greed will drop, if you have 60 of the same tier in your inventory it will give you one tier higher.


60x LEoG -> 1x EoG

60x EoG -> 1x GEoG


Darkness Gems:

Darkness Gem can be dropped by an Enderman on kill (2.5% chance) or by the Ender Dragon (25% chance).


Icy Shard:

Can be obtained by mining ice. It has 25% chance.




Feel free to use this mod in modpacks.


If you wanna report bugs about my mod or for something else pm me (i don't like comments :D).


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