DiabloLoot - Bosses Update

11,525 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 25, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5



    DiabloLoot is a mod that at least tries to bring hack and slash experience to the game we all love and play, Minecraft.

It is a dominant mod so it will affect every single mod of you've picked and change them a lot. Mobs stats will be rerolled, items in the config files will be custom generated DL items, and will prevent you from wearing specific items.



    It also has lots of features besides that, 3 levels of 3 types of skills that could be binded to items than casted, or the complicated item crafting system with the precious currencies this mod brings. Or in-depth gearing system; suffixes, prefixes, base modifiers. Or an infinite storage for your currencies. Or a book that you can spend your level points.



    It also adds completely new HUD removing the old ones. It also can be configured in the config file size, style whatever you want to change. There are 2 types, one is spherical, and other is a bar.


Creating compatible items:

You can add whatever item from whatever mod. You have to specify min and max level like modid:item_name:45-75. It can be created or dropped items they will be bound to levels you gave. Directory: /config/diabloloot



Creating your custom unique items:

It is so easy because it only has few parameters you can basically copy the example ones. There is no limit in values and amount of uniques you may create."id" in the file MUST match the file name. "chance" / "chanceIn" is the drop chance so making it 50/100 would be %50. This is how the file should look like:  Directory: /config/diabloloot/uniques



Modifier Library


 Creating custom bosses:

Note: entitySize only affects the gui. It says entityNameHexColor but you should use decimals instead, search from google you can generate colors from websites. Use lastPage option wisely it will make the mod understand that should not render the next page button. You also can add your boss ids to unique items mobDrops option. Directory: /config/diabloloot/bosses



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