FTB Teams Name Tags Addon

501 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 16, 2023 Game Version: 1.19.2   +1

This is a simple mod that hides player name tags. You can only see nametags when:

  • You are looking directly at a player (from any distance, not hiding behind blocks) OR
  • You are on the same FTB Team as a player (from any distance, even through walls)


The mod also adds a colored bar under the player name depending on the team color.


That's all :)


Config options:

  • Maximum selection radius when looking at a player (default=0 blocks)
  • Maximum distance to show nametags (default=128 blocks)
  • Maximum distance to show teammate color (default=256 blocks)
  • Whether to require direct line of sight (hides nametags behind walls) (default=true)
  • Whether to show nametags of invisible players when you look at them (default=true)


Original idea by SdataG


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