FTB Quests Importer

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(Note: This mod is in no way, shape or form associated with Feed The Beast, it's just an addon to FTB Quests!)




This mod does exactly what it says in the title (and description) -- Just use one simple command to convert Better Questing quest, loot and even player data(NEW!) into the FTB Quests format, making it a lot easier for pack developers and server operators alike to migrate from one mod to the other.


WARNING: Using this will delete any existing FTB Quests chapters and/or reward tables you have and overwrite them with the imported quests. You have been warned!


Command Syntax:


/ftbq_import <quests|progress> [flags]


Current flags for Quest Importing:


-c or --auto-cmd: This flag makes it so that the importer sets command rewards to be auto-claimed, as well as hiding them from the user automatically.

-d or --default-icons: This flag can be used to override the Better Questing questline icon with the quest icon of the upper-leftmost quest in the chapter. (This is mainly to override the default "book" icon BQ has.)


Current flags for Progress Importing:

-- none --


For pack developers:


Here is how you can help server operators migrate player data between quest mods if you plan on switching from Better Questing to FTB Quests using this mod:


  1. 1. Open a world and run /ftbq_import quests [flags].
  2. 2. The script will automatically generate an imported_quests.nbt file in the config folder.
  3. 3. Include this file with your next pack update(s) and instruct your players to run /ftbq_import progress to migrate their data.
  4. 4. If everything goes smoothly, congrats! Your players should have had a close to seamless migrating experience.


For server owners / players:


If you are playing a modpack or hosting a server with a modpack that's trying to migrate from Better Questing, make sure to run /ftbq_import progress to move your saved quest data over to FTB Quests. Please make sure not to import quests and loot tables yourself, as this will most likely break progress between different pack updates!


That's all. Enjoy!


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