FSMM - Fex's Small Money Mod

75,695 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Versions bellow 1.4.0 (MC 1.7-1.10)

FSMM is a Mod adding some Money Items to Minecraft,

if you have some knowledge you can setup it as In-Game

currency for your World/Server.

If your Server supports Plugins, I recommend such a Plugin

like "GoldIsMoney" (Google it, don't have the link atm).


- MinecraftForge

- FRSM (only if advanced features are activated in Config)

Versions 1.4+ (MC 1.10+)

FSMM is a small mod adding some "Money" Items to Minecraft.
Starting from version 1.4.0 it has a fully working ATM / GUI.

You can deposit your Money Items as currency on your bank Account!
Withdraw money from your bank account and receive them as Items.
And even transfer from your bank account balance to other players! (case-sensitive)

It's also made that way that other mods can register theyr Items as Money.
Aswel as the possiblity for developers to extend the Banking system to
add custom banks and anything they'd need for a realistic gameplay. 


Versions 2.0+ (MC 1.12+)

The Mod was reworked internally to allow far simpler adding of new Money/Items,

especially the possiblity to create new Money Items via Config, custom Banks and even banking fees.

Makes also use of the new Forge Registry System. Guides may be available soon in the Wiki!

Another feature is also internal datatype changes which make calculations more reliable and that's why....




Starting from FSMM 2.2.4 you can use Voting/ForgeVotifier with FSMM, example config:

     "type": "fsmm_item",
     "worth": 25500
     "type": "fsmm_currency",
     "amount": 200240,
     "message": "&7You received &9%s &7for voting/"
"fsmm_item" will spawn items with that worth into the players inventory
"fsmm_currency" will add that amount to the player's account balance
"message" is optional, if you want an own instead of default.

License available at:


Exceptions (as possible, stated in the "Other" part of the license):
- You are allowed to edit the assets for your Modpack/Server/Project needs,
this mainly includes: textures, lang files, json models, if you are ever gonna publish
a modified version of FSMM as part of a Modpack/Server/Project, you must write down the
info that it's an modified version.

- I'd suggest making a (Server) Resourcepack though, especially when using 2.0+

(for FSMM 1.4.0 and newer)
FCL - Fexcraft Common Library




Report bugs at:



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