Fragile Blocks

2,955 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 27, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Heavily inspired by TerraFirmaCraft physics! 


Current Features:

  • Soft blocks that fall if not supported by at least 2 blocks next to them, as well as fall downwards if block below is broken
  • Specify blocks that can cause cave ins when mined (and their chance). Wear your safety helmets!
  • Blocks that fall can be fractured into other blocks (for example Stone into Cobblestone)
  • Define blocks as support beams. These will prevent nearby blocks from triggering physics or cave ins. A valid support beam needs to have a solid block below and above it.
  • A way of silk-touching cave in blocks (such as stone) by exposing every 6 sides of it (it will drop as an item afterwards).
  • Config option to disable cave-ins all together
  • Config option to prevent fallen blocks from hurting players




Still in beta as i haven't tested it with a lot of other mods together. Please report any issues you find under the issues page!


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