Fossils and Archeology Revival

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Uploaded Apr 2, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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New content:

  • -Added Diplodocus
  • -Added Ornitholestes
  • -Added rare Volcano biome
  • -Added new plants: Cyathea, Dictyophyllum, Dipteris, and Sagenopteris
  • -Added Paleontologist Villager
  • -Added Paleontologist Villager house
  • -Added Paleontology I-III and Archaeology I-III Enchantments
  • -Added Bio-Goo
  • -Added Poisonous Potato Essence
  • -Added new Advancements
  • -Added new sounds for Brachiosaurus



  • -Culture Vat now requires Bio-Goo as fuel
  • -Culture Vat recipe now requires a slime ball to craft
  • -Culture Vat now renders unique embryo model for arthropods
  • -Bone Meal can be crafted from Volcanic Ash blocks
  • -Prehistoric plants can now spread using Bone Meal
  • -Removed animation of Dominican Amber item
  • -Prehistoric creatures no longer can be hurt from In-Wall damage
  • -Made newborn Arthropleura smaller
  • -Added take off animation for Pteranodon
  • -Pteranodon can now occasionally fish when flying above water
  • -Flying mobs now land more gracefully to sleep
  • -Made all dinosaur animations smoother
  • -Large predators are more brazen and will attack larger prey than themselves
  • -Large herbivores now cycle between attacking and fleeing when defending themselves
  • -Large dinosaurs turn slower now and are less likely to spin in circles
  • -Made Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus slower
  • -Increased large dinosaur render distance
  • -Amphibious mobs now move more freely from water to land and visa versa
  • -Dinosaurs can only break blocks when in a poor mood
  • -Decreased default spawn rate for academies, hell boats, and dig sites
  • -Updated Translations

Bug Fixes:

  • -Fixed Tar Slime crashing game
  • -Fixed Llama cloning crash
  • -Fixed crash related to fish
  • -Fixed crash with Botania
  • -Fixed crash with Animania installed
  • -Fixed Ice and Fire cockatrice incompatibility
  • -Fixed F/A tar overriding Betweenlands Tar
  • -Fixed Craft Tweaker analyzer recipe removal not working
  • -Fixed tar slime server overload
  • -Fixed Scarab axe being unable to break shields
  • -Fixed tall dinosaurs not eating from feeders
  • -Fixed dinosaurs breaking feeders
  • -Fixed mobs constantly opening and closing their mouths
  • -Fixed herbivores gaining happiness when killing animals
  • -Fixed herbivores making eating noises when killing animals
  • -Fixed aquatic mobs moving to north constantly
  • -Fixed non-aquatics not being able to swim
  • -Fixed dromaeosaurs falling asleep while climbing
  • -Fixed mammals giving birth to adult prehistoric animals
  • -Fixed Tiktaalik not moving on land
  • -Fixed Spinosaurus spinning constantly
  • -Fixed Meganeura getting stuck in wall corners
  • -Fixed Deinonychus being unable to pouce
  • -Fixed Pteranodon being unable to deal damage
  • -Fixed Pteranodon not fighting back
  • -Fixed Henodus not playing with toys
  • -Fixed Citipati being an herbivore not an omnivore
  • -Fixed Velociraptor appearing under Dryosaurus when attacking
  • -Fixed female Parasaurolophus appearing with wrists when sleeping
  • -Fixed player model clipping into Allosaurus and Ankylosaurus when riding
  • -Fixed cultivating Sigillaria and Cordaites showing a dinosaur embryo in the Culture Vat
  • -Fixed getting revived saplings from the sifter
  • -Fixed trap doors being uncraftable
  • -Fixed any bucket being used to craft Tar Drops
  • -Fixed odd placement of tar bubble particles
  • -Fixed ball duplication glitch
  • -Fixed misspelling in “Research Time” advancement
  • -Fixed Dead Anu mob not spawning when boss is killed
  • -Fixed Anu falling into the void after flying
  • -Fixed dig sites and tar sites spawning on trees

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