Fossils and Archeology Revival

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Filename fossilsarcheology-8.0.2.jar
Uploaded by alex1the1666
Uploaded Jul 4, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 42.44 MB
Downloads 131,493
MD5 ca0a54b8def4590548697ba0efce2edc
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


New content:

-Added Crassigyrinus, a large eel-like amphibian from the early Carboniferous period

-Added Diplocaulus, a boomerang-headed amphibian from the Carboniferous and Permian



-Decreased Tiktaalik size slightly

-Increased default rarity of Aztec structures and dig sites

-Vastly decreased the amount of CPU usage of dinosaurs

-Added dinosaurUpdateTick config option to deal with dinosaur-caused lag

-Added Pregnancy Time config option to make births much faster

-Friendly zombie pigmen now registered as undead mobs


Bug fixes:

-Fixed server crash on startup

-Fixed Foozia misnomered as Paleopanax

-Fixed analyzer, sifter and culture vat not working after several uses

-Fixed Platybelodon embryos creating baby pigs

-Fixed crash on opening Ancient Chest

-Fixed Calamites blocks not being craftable

-Fixed Calamites sapling not cultivating

-Fixed tar slimes spawning on peaceful mode

-Fixed Tiktaalik being very aggressive

-Fixed mushrooms not accepted as culture vat fuel

-Fixed dinopedia not showing progress for vanilla or Animania mobs

-Fixed Spinosaurus leg detaching during sleep

-Fixed tips of Palaeoraphe trees despawning

-Fixed fully aquatic mobs moving on ground

-Fixed structures spawning on trees

-Fixed structures spawning underwater

-Fixed Meganeura not being able to attack

-FIxed quark chickens being immune to Meganeura attacks

-Fixed Meganeura not being able to move after colliding into a tree

-Fixed analyzer recipe not accepting all bio-fossils

-Fixed Keleken not being rideable

-Fixed dinosaur mood not affected by hunger

-Fixed baby Elasmotherium having a horn

-Fixed battle music not playing when fighting Anu

-Fixed dinopedia typos

-Fixed Plesiosaurus having ungodly amount of damage

-Fixed fossil block having iced stone texture

-Fixed sarcophagus block rendering backwards in inventory

-Fixed only 1 bonemeal being made from a skull block

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