Fossils and Archeology Revival

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Uploaded Jun 7, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Content Changes

- Added Tiktaalik (aka LEG FISH)

- Added Platybelodon (aka SHOVEL FACE)

- Added Calamites, a giant Carboniferous horsetail

- Added Duisbergia, an ancient plant

- Changed Lycopodiophyta name to Archaeosigillaria

- Updated Foozia’s texture

- Added baby Elasmotherium texture

- Mammoths drop wool when killed

- Remodeled Allosaurus (and gave him teeth again!)

- Remodeled Gallimimus (new neck, who dis?)

- Resized megalania and Pachycephalosaurus

- You can fix damaged figurines in the archeologists’ worktable

- Fixed consistency and grammar-related issues


Bug Fixes (Crashes)

- Fixed crash with Betweenlands

- Fixed worktable recursion crash

- Fixed breaking blocks in Lair of Darkness causing server crashes

- Fixed Palaeoraphe logs crashing the game

- Fixed Deinonychus crashing when jumping on Ceratosaurus


Bug Fixes (other)

- Fixed nocturnal animals always sleeping and diurnal animals never sleeping

- Fixed mobs struggling to eat and attack

- Fixed baby mobs volume being too high

- Fixed egg status showing warm when it is cold

- Fixed Ceratosaurus’ horn rotating when it sits down

- Fixed Velociraptors’ snouts clipping through their heads when they sleep

- Fixed Nautilus moving when closed in its shell

- Fixed climbing dromaeosaurs suffocating in roofs

- Fixed Anu’s wither skeletons not using bows

- Fixed sentry pigmen not spawning at Anu’s castle

- Fixed players teleporting outside of the room after killing Anu

- Fixed dense sand being breakable by mobs

- Fixed female Triceratops growing quills when it sleeps

- Fixed mobs breeding when breeding is set to false

- FIxed tall plants dropping two copies of itself

- Fixed fences connecting to artifacts

- Fixed dig sites spawning in trees

- Fixed Tinkers Construct Typo Issue


Internal Reworks

- Changed config system completely, PLEASE DELETE YOUR CONFIG FILE

- Added config options for tar slime and living fossil spawning

- Added config option to set where the player is sent after looting the Room

- Moved analyzer, culture vat, sifter and archeology workbench to the item handler system

- Rework of analyzer, sifter, culture vat and archeology workbench recipes

- Improved herd/flock code so it is less laggy

- Some slight performance improvements


Known Bugs

- Not all translations show up

- Fish items disappear from inventories

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