Forestry Questing

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This mod is a BetterQuesting expansion to support forestry item handling.



After installing this expansion a task "Forestry Retrieval task", and a new reward, "Forestry Reward" (in the flavors "Bee" and "Tree") become available. Please note that selecting a bee or tree in the item explorer still causes a crash, this is a BetterQuesting <-> Forestry incompatibility. This is for advanced users of Better Questing and only needs to be handled by people setting up quests. If you are using a mod pack as a player you do not need to concern yourself with this mod.


How to use the Forestry Retrieval Task

  1. Add an item entry to the list of items to retrieve.
  2. Use the "..." button and open the raw NBT view.
  3. Set the item ID from minecraft:stone to that of the bee or tree you desire - for example forestry:beePrincessGE or forestry:sapling.
  4. The mod automatically creates the required forestry tag for you
  5. Open the TAG object and keep opening the already generated NBT objects until you find the entries UID0 and UID1.
  6. Enter the species ID you want the player to retrieve into UID0, and if you want the bee to be pure-bread also enter it into UID1, you can leave UID0 empty. An example species ID is forestry.speciesCommon for the Common Bee or  forestry.treeOak for the Apple Oak tree.
  7. [Optional] If you want to allow the player to retrieve an item of any species set MatchAny to 1 (this basically renders step 5 unnecessary, however step 5 is responsible for the icon so you should still select one) 
  8. Done


How to use the Forestry Reward

  1. Add an item entry to the list of items to give the player.
  2. Never, Never, press the regular Item Button (has the item name), always use the "..." Button. BetterQuesting does not like Forestry bees and trees.
  3. Go back up to the reward view - this forces BetterQuesting to save the item and it generates the genome metadata from forestry.
  4. Back at the item, Use the "..." button and open the raw NBT view.
  5. Set the item ID to that of the bee or tree you desire - it comes pre-filled with forestry:beePrincessGE or forestry:treeOak depending on the reward type.
  6. You can now modify the json tag to give the item a modified species and genome.
  7. Done


Finding the species ID

To find the species ID you need to spawn in the item you are looking for and browse the NBT data for the "Genome" tag, it will contain a list of Chromosomes. The first Chromosome determines the species.


A much easier way is to use the command this mod adds - "/species". It works both on organisms and their Gendustry templates. For convenience this command puts the species name in your clipboard, so in the gene editor you can simply paste it.


Modpacks and Permissions

 This mod is made specifically for modpack use - you hereby have permission to use it in any and all modpacks!


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