Forestry Extras



This mod is a backport of the 1.11.2 version of Binnie's Mods (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/binnies-mods) to 1.10.2.

The original source code (LGPLv3) can be found here.
The backport source code (LGPLv3) can be found here.



This is a suite of mods designed to expand the Forestry mod.
It expands the bee and tree breeding with new species, adds flower breeding and allows to speed up the original Forestry breeding processes with direct gene modifications.


The wiki of the original mod can be found here.



This mod adds 107 new bee species who produce a large range of products including dyes, metal dusts and gems.


There are 96 new tree species including fruit trees as well as planks, doors and fences that can be crafted from the new wood types.


This adds an entirely new breeding system for flowers to Forestry. There are 46 species that can be bred. Traits like color can be transferred so each flower type can end up with each possible color - that's 80 different variations per flower.


If the regular breeding system is too slow the process can be sped up with genetic manipulation. Genes can be isolated, sequenced and inoculated into existing species. This can be used for bees, trees, butterflies and flowers. 



If you need an updated version or find any problems please submit an issue, I will do my best to fix it if time allows it.



All credits go to the creators and maintainers of the original mod. 


Modpacks and Permissions

Feel free to use this in any modpack as long as you have permission to use the Forestry mod which this mod depends on.