ForceCraft is a semi-magical mod focused around power, called Force. It's a recreation of DartCraft and has been written from scratch.


The mod adds a lot of resources to the world like:

  • Power Ore: Your source for Force Gems
  • Force Tree: A yellow tree that grows around the world and can be grown from Force Saplings
  • Force And You: A book which tells you about the blocks/items in the mod
  • Force Infuser: A magical version of the Enchantment Table in which you can infuse with the power of Force
  • Force Engine: An engine which produces RF using Liquid Force and other fuels as power source
  • Force Furnace: An improved furnace which you can improve even futher using different Upgrade Cores
  • Force Pack: A little backpack which can be upgraded further through Infusion
  • Force Belt: A little storage for drinkables like potions and milk buckets
  • Force Flask: A magical flask which is able to capture liquids / entities
  • Force Mits: Some magical mits which you can dig / mine with
  • Ender Tot: Tiny hostile Enderman which when killed can summon up to 2 bigger Angry Enderman
  • Creeper Tot: A cute-sy little Creeper that only wants to hug you ;)


And more :)


When installed with Patchouli there'll be a Force and You book that will tell you more.