I'm just confused that those particle mods have no footprint feature.

I can't find such one, so I made this one.

Footprint Particle

A simple mod that adds footprint for mobs (and players). Highly configurable designed for modpacks.


  • Footprint gen on low hardness block (by default).
    • Baby mob has a baby print.
    • Spider & horse has special pos to gen.
  • Waterprint gen when touched water for a while.
  • Minecart Spark.
  • Boat trail (water and land is difference).
  • Swimming Pop.
  • Raise dust when walking on snow.
  • Pehkui support.
  • Random Mob Sizes support.


You can config its lifetime, frequency, and others through Cloth Config and Mod Menu.

  • Which type / specific block can (or not) gen.
  • Which mob can (or not) gen.
  • What print size for specific mob.
  • How high where is print gen on specific block (snow etc.)
  • Which mob regarded as spider / horse (to gen on special way).
  • Which texture should specific mob gen.
  • More as you wish...

Custom Print Texture

1.Make a resourcepack and put your texture.pngs to the path below:


2.Make a footprint.json or copy one from the mod.jar to your resourcepack path below (or watermark.json if you wanna replace watermark at same time):


3.Add your texture.pngs file name to the .json, formatting like:

  "textures": [
    "footprintparticle:footprint",  // delete this line if you don't need default ugly print :)
    "footprintparticle: ..."  // remember last line NOT have comma (",")

4.Pack and install your pack Into the game, enabled your resourcepack, then go to the config screen and edit the "Custom Print Texture" option as tooltip says:




Since 0.3.1c we now support Forge & Fabric in a same jar, but dependence has some differ:

For all loader

  • Architectury API is required.
  • Cloth Config is required to manage config file & build configScreen.

Fabric extra needs

  • Fabric API is required.
  • Mod Menu is optional to access configScreen.


Any suggestions are welcome! Leave it below, or submit to Github.