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1,008,398 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 22, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.2   +2

Requires AtlasLib.


Adds a config file to specify a list of entities to follow you.


To get an entity to follow you, right-click, while sneaking.

Or use a configurable keybinding (H by default).


There is also a keybinding to stop all entities that currently follow you. (J by default).


Right-click while sneaking again to stop them from following you.


Mostly intended for pack developers.


If you like this mod check out the Piper addon


New in 1.1.5:


The mod will now load a set of conditions to give pack developers more control of whether entities can follow them.

Anything ranging from Villager to profession, to player health to time of day can be specified.

As long as it exists in player entity or world nbt data it can be used.


Click here for more documentation on how to use this feature.



NOTE: As of 1.19 only villagers are in the config by default.

In all previous versions this mod does nothing without setting up the config first.


Special thanks to bstylia14 for the original mod concept and for providing ideas and help during development.



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