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(Just a reminder, I am open to suggestions and feedback :) )

Have you ever wanted to grow ores but not be called a "cheater" because the process is considered too easy or too over-powered?

Well we plan on remedying this.

Fluxed-Crystals 2 adds Crystals.

As shown below, these Crystals can come in many forms!



To create seeds, you need to get a Seed Infuser, it is a simple recipe, that requires that you have gone to the nether.

Once created all you need to do is simply place it down, open the GUI, place a Universal Seed in the left slot, and the material of your choice in the right slot.


To make use of these Crystals, you need to make Powered Soil, there are a few different types of powered soil, such as:

  • Powered Soil - Uses Rf to grow Crystals on top of it.
  • Powered Mana soil - Uses Botania Mana to grow Crystals on top of it.
  • Powered EU Soil - Uses Industrial-Craft 2 EU to grow Crystals on top of it.

Simply provide the Soil of your choice with some energy, and you are ready to start growing Crystals! Simply right click the Powered Soil with a Seed and it will start growing!


Once these Crystals have reached their final stage of growth, you can right click them to harvest and replant, or break them to get Rough Shards. 

At this point, you may be wondering, "well what do I do now?", and this is where things get tedious!


The precious metals that you seek are covered by rock and sand! you need to somehow cut away the glass.

OK, enough of the role-play, lets get to the point.

The current shard you have now, is quiet rough, so you need to cut it, to do this you need to get yourself a Gem Cutter.

The Gem Cutter is a simple machine, it has an input and an output, it also has slots for upgrades (which I would get into later).

Simply put the Rough Shards in the left slot, and collect the Smooth Shards from the right.


The Smooth Shard feels smooth to the touch (duh) 

While the Smooth shard has gotten rid of most of the outside impurities, crystals contain impurities that are not visible to the eye.

To get rid of these impurities, you need to make a Gem Refiner.

Much like the Gem Cutter, the Gem Refiner is just a simple machine, input and output.

And now you have your material!


As I mentioned earlier, I add upgrades for my machines and the Powered Soil. To add an upgrade to the soil, simply right click, to remove shift+right click, Powered Soil can hold a maximum of 3 upgrades each.

The current upgrades are:

  • Speed Upgrade - Decreases process / growth time.
  • Efficiency Upgrade - Decreases the energy requirement.
  • Automation Upgrade - Can only be used on powered soil, automatically harvests crystals as they grow.

If you would like to generate more produce from your Crystals, you can break the Crystals with a Scythe, I currently add the following Scythes:

  • Wooden
  • Stone
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Each one giving a better chance of generating more produce from the Crystals.


Other Misc things I add:

I add tools for all seeds that are generated.

2 new commands:

  • /fluxedcrystals seed-from-current = Generates a template seed based on you current hand for you to then edit.
  • /fluxedcrystals seed-editor = Opens a nifty seed editor that lets you create new seeds fairly easily.


I suggest you use Not Enough Items to see the recipes for all of my machines, items or blocks.

If you try and load your old Fluxed-Crystals worlds with this mod, things will break, While we are sorry, there was not much for us to do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we really have spent a lot of time on this rewrite, making sure that everything works.



If you have any issues you can report them on our issue tracker here:

The source code is public and can be found here:


You are free to use our mod in a modpack, however you do need to send us a message notifying us.



If you would like to support development of our mods, you can pledge to one of us on patreon:

  • Jared
  • NamrocSmith
  • MrBurd
  • Tiesti




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