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Have you ever wanted to grow ores but not be called a "cheater" because the process is too OP?
Well this is the mod for you!
Fluxed-Crystals adds Ore Crystals, once fully grown they drop shards, when you combine the shards in a Crafting table you get ingots!

Now you may asking, is it balanced? and my response is, The mod is as balanced as YOU want it to be! All Crystals are added via JSON and are fully customizable, if you find that Crystals grow too fast, then all you need to do is change it in the Crystals JSON file! nearly all aspects of the Crystals are customizable and it is easy to add more!


To get started with the mod, you will need to make Powered Soil, You will need to power the Powered Soil with RF for it to grow Crystals


Now all you need is seeds! to get seeds you will first need to make an Universal Seed, once you have a few Universal Seeds you can then make other types of seeds! by putting a Universal Seed in the Seed Infuser with some materials you can make seeds for materials! once you have the seeds that you want, you can start farming, by placing a seed onto Powered Soil it will begin to grow, seeds take a while to grow, so be patient!


When a crystal is fully grown you can Right-Click it to harvest it, you will receive a Rough Chunk, You will need to place the Rough Chunk and break it with a Crystal Hammer, you will receive Rough Shards from this, you now need to put the Rough Shards in a Gem Cutter to get Smooth Shards, Once you have Smooth Shards you need to refine them in a Gem Refiner and you will receive the output!

I do suggest you use the Not-Enough-Items mod to see my recipes.

You need TTCore to use this mod, you can get it here: http://ci.tterrag.com/job/ttCore/

You will need a mod that adds power generation for the Farms to use.


You are free to use this mod in your modpack, HOWEVER, you must give credit to me and the co-creator, "DarkByte" and send me a message saying that you are using my mod in your modpack.

I do have the right to revoke permission.


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