Flux Networks

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Filename FluxNetworks-1.18.2-
Uploaded by BloCamLimb
Uploaded Aug 12, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +3
Size 491.49 KB
Downloads 354,686
MD5 ffa4a38ad787a49374f9e2153a5b9067
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 18
Java 17
Supported Minecraft 1.18 Versions


Changelog 1.18.2- (2022-08-13)

  • Remove protocol check on Modern UI if absent

Changelog 1.18.2- (2022-07-21)

  • Fix GUI background image not connected
  • Fix disconnect button in selection tab always invisible
  • Fix double shift check working even when typing chars
  • Improve security check with wireless charging
  • Allow to load values when editing a single device in connections tab
  • Optimize disconnecting this device in connections tab

Changelog 1.18.2- (2022-07-20)

  • Fix owner access display in selection tab
  • Fix command permission check

Changelog 1.18.2- (2022-07-19)

  • Add command to set super admin
  • Adjust flux storage default configs
  • Allow flux plug to receive energy in any case
  • Allow super admin to fill up a flux storage
  • Fix energy duplication glitch
  • Fix TOP info not shown in dedicated server
  • Fix storage energy not synced to client via connections tab
  • Fix disconnect button still visible when no networks

Changelog 1.18.2- (2022-07-16)

  • Update localizations
  • Update GUI artworks
  • Add disconnect button to Network Selection tab
  • Add new Network Connections tab
  • Add back chunk loading
  • Give super admins more privileges
  • Fix priority not work immediately

Changelog 1.18.2- (2022-06-21)

  • Fix wireless charging bugs
  • Update JEI API
  • Change wireless settings to individual player
  • Enhance and update localization
  • Enhance network packet security
  • Enhance overall GUI flexibility
  • Optimize network packet handling
  • Optimize energy transfer system
  • Optimize data synchronization
  • Optimize client cache usage
  • Fix Flux Storage lighting glitch
  • Fix capability invalidation

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