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Filename fluxnetworks-1.12.2-4.0.14-31.jar
Uploaded by BloCamLimb
Uploaded Dec 13, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 453.80 KB
Downloads 1,702,613
MD5 04850be565e1fea67a27bc1b58999ee7
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Changelog 4.0.14

Improvement: Recuded storage render lag
Improvement: Add back old flux recipe (in config)
Bug Fixed: Flux point can't transfer over 2^31-1 RF/t


Changelog 4.0.13

Added: Integration with OpenComputers
Added: Item blacklist with metadata


Changelog 4.0.12

Added: GUIs for Configurator & Admin Configurator
Added: Average Tick Statistic to Network Statistics tab for checking network performance.
Improvement: Super Admin, is now enabled inside the Admin Configurator's GUI
Improvement: Added config option to change the OP level required to activate Super Admin.
Improvement: Wireless Charging GUI is now more in-keeping with the network color theme.
Improvement: Some GUI Optimisations
Bug Fixed: Configurator copying priority settings incorrectly
Bug Fixed: Configurator not pasting settings Flux Storage


Changelog 4.0.11

Added: Integration with The One Probe - Configurable in the config
Added: Integration with JEI for showing flux recipe
Added: de_DE localization (Caaruzo)


Changelog 4.0.10

Improvement: Set limit and surge for flux storage
Improvement: New feedback when batch editing
Bug Fixed: A serious bug in server
Bug Fixed: Render glitch in statistics tab sometimes
Bug Fixed: Incorrect statistics data
Bug Fixed: Incorrect energy data in connections tab


Changelog 4.0.9

New: Animated chart for network statistics interface
New: Add back block blacklist with metadata
Improvement: Once again performance improvement
Improvement: Some GUI adjustments
Bug Fixed: Completely fixed GT transfer bugs
Bug Fixed: Not update client name cache after being edited


Changelog 4.0.8

New: Pages label button and can jump to hovered page directly
New & Improvement: More smart network members setting
Improvement: Keep old data file
Improvement: Some GUI adjustments
Improvement: A config for the amount of max forced chunks
Bug Fixed: GT transfer bugs *(still not connect to wires now, you should connect to a transformer or battery buffer)
Bug Fixed: Not update client color cache after being edited
Bug Fixed: Size of multi-page GUI elements check
Bug Fixed: Many...


Changelog 4.0.7

A great performance improvement.
ALL GUIs has completely reworked.
Added support for GregTech Community Edition EU.
Added ability for flux points/plugs to work as chunk loaders themselves.
Added ability to batch edit network connections in connections tab.
Added ability to set negative priority for flux points/plugs.
Added ability to configure wireless charging in all network connectors.
Added a way to clear NBT data by crafting again.
Added ingame mod configuration and no need to restart.
Added network color buttons to select easily and can right click to customize.
Added new gui button sound effects.
Changed the usage of admin configurator to super admin permission.
Changed network security type to password verification system.
Changed default flux recipe to be more mechanized.
Enhanced flux tiles security that they can't be modified without permission.
Enhanced and optimized network packets that update all data more effective.
Enhanced custom network color editing that make it within proper range.
Reduced unnecessary nbt to stack flux items as much as possible.
Optimized and weakened wireless charging and fixed some bugs.
Unified all types of energy and no longer support single type of energy transfer.
Fixed flux storage rendering which they looks same with different level in inventory.
Fixed crashing with AE energy cell, and no longer directly support AE2.
Fixed item duplication when using displacement wand.
Removed support for Tesla.
Removed redstone control.
Removed blacklist temporarily.

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