Fluid Physics [Fabric]

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Fluid Physics

This mod blends together vanilla fluid mechanics with something a little more realistic plus some small additions. Fluids flowing horizontally will not be affected by this mod. Fluids flowing down will take the source with them. This is intentionally not a realistic fluid simulation in order to not break too much of the vanilla gameplay. If you want something more realistic look in the "Similar mods" section down below.

There is also a Forge version


  • Fluid source blocks can flow down
  • Removes infinite water sources (Can still be created by placing Spring blocks next to fluid sources)
  • Pistons can pump fluids
  • Spring blocks generate under naturally generated springs and prevent them from flowing down
  • Rain refills lakes and oceans (similar to infinite water sources in vanilla)
  • Works with vanilla clients (you have to set the config option spring/block to a vanilla block like 'mossy_cobblestone')




Known issues

  • Under some circumstances fluids can stop flowing (This is why in the video I have the glass block slowing down the water flowing into the sandstone tank)

Similar mods

If you are looking for a similar mod for fabric with more realism have a look at Dihydrogen Monoxide Reloaded by CoolMineman

Also there is the similarly realistic forge mod PhysEx


This project uses the Apache 2.0 License. See the file called LICENSE.