Steve's Fluid Generators





Just like a normal forge mod. Nothing special.


Have you ever wished that lava was renewable like water? Are you tired of having to go to the Nether or deep underground to look for some? If you answered yes to either of them (Or if you did not) then this is the mod for you!

Build a multiblock smelter to melt stone into lava. It all fits in a 3x3x3 cube. Click on the heater with a flint and steel or fire charge then cobblestone to start. Then wait until the lava is ready. Click on the collector with a bucket to extract it. You can use an optional redstone controller to help automate the process which will only occur if the controller is powered. A fluid export can also be in the same place as a redstone controller. See image 2 in the pictures for how to build it.

You can also use a empty collector to obtain water from wet sponges, clay, all ice types, and all leaves. You will also get dry sponges and hardened clay (respectively). Just place the block to be dried on  top. Click on the collector with a bucket to extract it.

If it is raining or thundering, empty collectors will fill with water. If combined with an observer, this can make a weather sensor.

Export pipes can pump fluids from a collector on the side of them or above into a tank on the sides or below.

Storage tanks can store lava and water. Use a filled bucket to put fluids in and an empty one to take it out.

There is also a caution patterned blast-resistant block.

All blocks can be broken with either a wrench or an iron or better pickaxe.

A in game wiki is coming soon.


The animation for the melting process is not how I wanted. It will be fixed soon.

Official Site + Older versions


You can also use NEI or something like that.

Mod Packs

I am fine with use in mod packs. I would like to see it, but that is not required.  I would say no to reposting on Chinese/Russian sites but they would do it anyways.




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