Fluid cows


Right-click the cow with an empty bucket to harvest the fluid.
The cows are generated based on what´s in the Fluid Registry.
By default fluid cows for each fluid is set to spawn, each fluid cows can be disable in "fluidcows_v2.json" found in the config folder.
Spawn rate of each fluid cow can be change in "fluidcows_v2.json" found in the config folder.


Any bugs/ideas/requests
  -  Post it on Issues page!

About ModPacks
  -  Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks.

Isn't this just Moo Fluids?
  - No! Moo Fluids hasn't been updated since November 2017 (Actual at the time of project creation), and has some bugs in it so I decided to make my own mod. 
  - Also in the plans to add some elements. //TODO
  - Automatization farm fluid from cows!
- Cow breeding.

Have idea?
- Write it to issue page.

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