Floating Rails

Are you tired of this? 

Not anymore! 
With Floating Rails you have the ability to place the rails directly on top of the water. I made it so the rails are supported by a lily-pads to keep the rails floating.

I made is so all types of vanilla rails can float on top of the water. (Not in the 1.12.2 build yet)

But water was just not enough 
So I added in magma-lilies that spawns around on top of lava lakes in the overworld and nether. 

Lava-Lilies + Rails = 

The Crafting 
The crafting is a bit special. You can add up to 8 rails around the lily-pad and cash out as many rails as you need for the price of 1 lily-pad.


Same goes for the lava any other type of rails like powered etc. 

WIP - Work in progress 


This is going to be a redstone torch peaceable on top of the water to help you activate the rails that
requires a redstone signal to function. Coming soon. 

1.12.2 version requires Bibliotheca to function.

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Live development: 
The mod is being developed live at my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ewyboy 

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