Flint Instead of Wood

253,749 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Available for Minecraft 1.7.10 through 1.12.2!

Wooden tools are hardly ever used in real life. During the Stone Age, caveman preferred hard rocks like Flint. It makes more sense!

Flint Instead of Wood removes recipes for wooden tools and replaces them with recipes for flint tools. These flint tools have configurable durability and mining level. It makes gravel a little more useful at the beginning of the game and adds to the realism of Minecraft tools.

The flint shovel has a bonus chance of harvesting flint from gravel!

Crafting recipes:

Flint Spade (bonus chance to harvest flint)

Flint Hoe

Flint Hatchet (possibly the most important tool)

Sharpened Flint

Flint Knife (slightly faster than a sword)

Flint Pick (the second-most important tool)


Config options:

By default, wooden tools cannot be crafted and it hurts to harvest wood by hand. You can still harvest wood unless you turn that off in the config. In that case, break leaves to get sticks.

Other config options:

Toggle which Flint Tools can be crafted

Toggle whether to remove all wooden tool recipes

Toggle whether to remove all stone tool recipes

Toggle whether you can break a log without an axe

Toggle whether loot chests use flint tools instead of wooden ones (8.1+)

Toggle whether you are hurt by breaking a log without a tool (does not trigger if logs cannot break)

Adjust flint tool durability

Adjust flint tool harvest level

Adjust the percent chance of sticks dropping from leaves (set to 0 to disable)


For 1.7.10 version, use Forge

For 1.8 versions, use Forge

For 1.8.9 versions, use Forge

For 1.9 versions, use Forge

For 1.9.4 versions, use Forge

For 1.10 versions, use Forge

For 1.10.2 versions, use Forge

For 1.11.2 versions, use Forge

For 1.11.2 versions, use Forge



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