Flexible Tools

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This mod adds 5 tools and different upgrades to improve said tools.

  • Flexible Sword
  • Flexible Pickaxe
  • Flexible Axe
  • Flexible Shovel
  • Flexible Axpickvel

 They are nearly as strong as diamond tools.

To open the tool GUI press G while holding the tool.

They can be rapaired with gold, diamond and obsidian.


The upgrades have tooltips and should be intuitive to use.


Range Upgrade
Vein Upgrade
Ore Detector Upgrade
Magnet Upgrade
Receiver Upgrade
Poison Upgrade
Fire Upgrade
Slowdown Upgrade
Wither Upgrade
Healing Upgrade
Damage Upgrade
Haste Upgrade
Luck Upgrade
Silk Upgrade
XP Upgrade
Mending Upgrade
Far Reach Upgrade
Energy Upgrade
GUI Upgrade
Torchlauncher Upgrade
Travel Upgrade
Backpack Upgrade
Chunkminer Upgrade



If you have any more ideas for upgrades or tips for balancing, let me know.






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