Fleeing Animals

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Requires Fabric API Requires Cloth Config API

Fleeing Animals

Fleeing Animals is a simple mod that changes the behaviour of passive entities. Once hit, they will flee as usual (except for some entities such as horses), but the nearby entities will also be alerted and will start running too.

Gif showing mod in action


By default, the mobs will detect any passive mob being hit in their detection range (e.g. the distance where they see you holding wheat, carrots, ...), 10 blocks higher or lower than them.

If for some reason, you aren't satisfied with the default configuration, you can tweak some settings:

  • radius is a detection range multiplier. If you set it to 2.0, mobs will flee if you hit another passive entity up to twice their follow range.
  • yRadius is the maximum number of vertical blocks you can be seen by other passive entities. If you set it to 100 for example, animals will detect you if you hit another entity up to 100 blocks over their head.
  • allAnimalsFlee decide whether you want all passive entities to flee when you hit an animal (cows will flee if you hit chickens), or if you want them to flee only when hitting their family (cows will flee only if you hit another cow).


The mod should easily work with most other mods, but compatibility issues may arise. If you encounter a problem, do not hesitate to leave an issue to let me know, and I'll try to fix it.


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