Ferdinand's Flowers

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Filename Ferdinand's Flowers-1.12.x-
Uploaded by c0_0ry
Uploaded Nov 1, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2   +2
Size 1.76 MB
Downloads 2,943,229
MD5 a4496b3fad90643787f47f5bd37f6a99
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


*Please Delete Old Configs*


*Inventory Tweaks sort list added to Mod page: copy & paste to top of the Inventory Tweaks Config File -
InvTweaksTree.txt -paste After <stuff treeVersion="1.12.2"> *
(Not necessary- but adds a more organized sorting to the Flower Chest)


*Known Issue: All Dye Glass Panes have the same Red Glass Break Particles.*


- Added config mouse over comments for what flowers are in each group.

- Added individual on/off config controls for all flowers.

- Added config to control flower gen by biomes- Forests had to be grouped all together

- Added config to turn off cactus damage on dark and ouch flowers

- Added config to remove recipes & blocks from the creative menu- does not remove items/blocks already in the world
                  -To remove things from showing in JEI please use the 'Item Hiding Mode' within JEI (Click the JEI Config Wrench Icon to the Right of the                        JEI Search Bar to access their configs)



- Added more dye recipes and their advancements.


- Added Flower Chest- holds only Ferdinand's Flowers Mod Items and Blocks: block_flower_chest
      -has config to allow other plant related items-some modded & vanilla seeds, saplings, flowers etc.
      -Craftable with Any 8 FF's Tall/ Double Flowers (Not Peas)


- Added 16 dyed glass panes: block_dye_glass_pane:*

- Added sweet peas- craftable only, do not generate in world: block_cff_doublesp:*

- Added Zinnias & others to gen: block_cff_flowerse:*

- Added Sunflowers- generate in sunflower plains biomes: block_cff_doubless:*

- Added Mushrooms/ Fungus - generate in caves and on surface & give off faint light: block_cff_fungus:*


- Added Forest group to swamps

- Removed recipes for flowers added to gen (already existed in mod, just needed to be included in world gen (desert clover, tinsel white, tinsel, yellow freesia, red geranium)

- Small edits on a few flower textures

- Corrected localized name of Perriwinkle to Pennyroyal

- Removed advancements for dye bricks