Ferdinand's Flowers

4,033,373 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 1, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Adds over 110 beautiful flowers to your Minecraft World!

Make beautiful gardens or just enjoy the colorful surroundings.   

Flowers are great for any sort of decoration and colorful building blocks make great accent blocks.

Light blocks are also included to make it easy to build nice structures with hidden lighting.


32 new dyes, dyed brick blocks and slabs.

       There are 32 different colors - including the Vanilla dye colors

              (no black, brown, white, grey, light grey)

16 new glass and glass pane colors.

Light blocks- some Vanilla blocks can be crafted into light emitting blocks similar to Glowstone.


-Flowers generate based on biomes.

-Flowers generate in mixed groups of different flowers.

-Most of the flowers will generate in more than one biome.

-Mountain, Swamp & Jungle biomes have a few unique flowers that only generate in those biomes.

-Desert, Savanna & Mesa biomes have a unique set of flowers that are native to hotter climates and only generate in those biomes.


-New Mushrooms that generate in caves as well as above ground. Give off a slight glow (with config to turn off)

-New Sweet Peas- craftable flowers with wooden trellis.

-New Sunflowers- generate only in the Sunflower Plains Biome

-New Flowers and more recipes for the dyes.

-New Configs- more control of flower generation, bonemeal small flowers and much more.


-New Flower Chest- holds all of Ferdinand's Flowers' blocks and items.  Only holds FF's items, unless specified in the Config- with config to add Vanilla and some modded, plant related items, like sapplings and seeds etc (off by default.)  Craftable with Any FF's Double Tall Flowers.  Has 108 Inventory Spaces.


There are charts in Images that show which flowers generate in different biomes and

what flowers are in each of the Config's Flower Groups. 

These groups are also now shown in the Configs.


If you would like better sorting in the Flower Chest, Install Inventory Tweaks-

Copy and Paste the text in the Spoiler below to add more sorting organization to the Flower Chest when using Inventory Tweaks.  Add to the InvTweaksTree.txt file

- Paste After <stuff treeVersion="1.12.2">

<flowerA id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_flowers"/>
<flowerB id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_flowersb"/>
<flowerC id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_flowersc"/>
<flowerD id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_flowersd"/>
<flowerE id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_flowerse"/>
<doublesA id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_doubles"/>
<doublesB id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_doublesb"/>
<doublesC id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_doublesc"/>
<doublesD id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_doublesp"/>
<doublesS id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_doubless"/>
<desert id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_desert"/>
<ouch id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_ouch"/>
<doublesD id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_doublesd"/>
<fungus id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_fungus"/>
<dark id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cff_dark"/>
<dyesA id="ferdinandsflowers:flower_dye"/>
<dyesB id="ferdinandsflowers:flower_dyeb"/>
<bricksA id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_brick"/>
<bricksB id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_brickb"/>
<brickSlabsA id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_brick_half"/>
<brickSlabsB id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_brick_halfb"/>
<brickSlabsC id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_brick_halfc"/>
<brickSlabsD id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_brick_halfd"/>
<dyeGlass id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_glass"/>
<dyeGlassPane id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dye_glass_pane"/>
<stoneLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_stone_light"/>
<cobbleLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_cobble_light"/>
<dirtLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_dirt_light"/>
<logLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_log_light"/>
<plankLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_plank_light"/>
<sandLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_sand_light"/>
<gravelLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_gravel_light"/>
<stonebrickLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_stonebrick_light"/>
<metalLight id="ferdinandsflowers:block_metal_light"/>
<birthday id="ferdinandsflowers:block_birthday"/>
<flowerChest id="ferdinandsflowers:block_flower_chest"/>



'the Story of Ferdinand' is a children's book that I loved when I was young.  The main character is a bull named Ferdinand that "liked to sit just quietly and smell the flowers."



 Special Thanks to Darkosto for all his support and encouragement!  :)


The Darkosto Traposto came about because of a viewer in Darkosto's stream.  They mentioned that there should be a Darkosto Venus Fly Trap.  I liked the idea and thought it would be a nice/funny way to say thank you to Darkosto for all his help.   It was also fitting to have it craft birthday cake -cause memes, lol :)



You may use this mod in your mod pack.

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